Make Votes Matter is the national movement for Proportional Representation


Our broken voting system cheats most voters and Parliament doesn’t reflect the way we voted.
The UK is in crisis - to address this we urgently need to make seats match votes, with a Good voting system supported by the public. Most people and parties agree.
People Already Signed.

Demand a fairer voting system

This should be the last general election under First Past the Post.

Our new Government received only one in three votes, but will have 63% of the seats in the new Parliament.

Parliament should represent the people of this country, and all voters should count equally, wherever they live and however they vote.
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The time for Proportional Representation has come

This election result pulls back the curtain on the damage our broken voting system is doing to representation and engagement in politics. It’s time to reset our political system by ensuring that at the next election everyone has an equal voice, vote and stake in our politics. PR’s time has come.
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Election 2024: another step backwards for democracy

For some, 4th July was their first election. For others, just one election of many. People voted for different outcomes, with different priorities, but what united these disparate hopes as they went into the ballot box is that most of them would not count. Alberto Smith reflects on the general election.
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Election 2024: our least representative election ever

The moment Big Ben struck ten and the exit poll was announced, it was clear we were witnessing the beginning of one of the most seismic reverses in UK electoral history, and were about to come face-to-face with one of the most distorted parliaments in the history of modern democracy. Dylan Difford crunches the numbers.
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Record distorted election result raises question marks for new government

Across a whole series of measures, the general election has produced one of the most distorted results in the UK’s democratic history. Voters up and down the country woke up the day after election day to a result that, to an unprecedented extent, did not reflect how they voted.
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“I knew my voice would be heard.” How voting in New Zealand differs from the UK

New Zealand used to have First Past the Post like the UK, but switched to PR after a referendum in 1993. Kieran Rayner contrasts how PR in New Zealand helped him become politically engaged with the disempowering effect of FPTP in the UK.
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Election 2024 preview: a new low for representation

At the halfway point of this election campaign, we are beginning to get a reasonable idea of the likely results. Dylan Difford explores the potential scenarios, highlighting how and why this general election is set to be, in many respects, the least representative in the UK’s democratic history.
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