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Our broken voting system cheats most voters and Parliament doesn’t reflect the way we voted.
The UK is in crisis - to address this we urgently need to make seats match votes, with a Good voting system supported by the public. Most people and parties agree.
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Take action for equal votes now!

With only weeks to go until the General Election that will likely decide the fate of the country for the next 5 years, it's up to YOU to help us to make sure the call for equal votes cannot go ignored. 

We've compiled everything you need in one place, from information on attending hustings to a tool to allow you to easily email your candidates.
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The General Election is only weeks away. We're calling on Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer to make Proportional Representation a priority if their parties end up forming the next Government.

Sunak and Starmer are the two likeliest candidates for Prime Minister - and the only major party leaders not to back PR. They need to know that people are tired of a two-party system that produces slogans but no substance, and none of the long-term decisions the country needs.

We know that for Britain to get its future back we need a better way of doing politics. Let's show Sunak and Starmer that PR's time is now.
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Do you feel like your vote counts? Our Alliance for PR has a message: it's time to #MakeVotesMatter

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Election 2024 preview: a new low for representation

At the halfway point of this election campaign, we are beginning to get a reasonable idea of the likely results. Dylan Difford explores the potential scenarios, highlighting how and why this general election is set to be, in many respects, the least representative in the UK’s democratic history.
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A proportional continent: the European elections

The proportional principle is universally embedded in elections to the European Parliament. Although the details vary by member state, each national delegation already reflects how that country voted. Europe remains a proportional continent, just with a few unfortunate exceptions outside the European Parliament.
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Local elections: different year, same failing voting system

Beyond the headline stories from this year's local elections, we see a voting system that is delivering poor representational outcomes for voters. In certain respects, it’s a tale told many times before; but it's getting worse with every telling. 
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Agents of change: dispelling the ‘lazy youth’ myth

Young people defy stereotypes in many, often surprising ways. Ella Eagle Davies argues that young people - contrary to the prevailing narrative - are neither lazy nor mere objects of policy, but rather strikingly creative when it comes to sustaining a voice in politics. It's the voting system that is letting them down.
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Make local votes matter

This year’s local elections will provoke lots of reaction about the states of the parties. Absent, all too often, will be discussion of the severe representational deficits in England's local elections system. Hugely distorted results have become a matter of routine - but things don’t have to be this way…
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PR loves newsletters

PR Loves… women’s voices, collaboration, diverse representation, long-term planning and so much more! Hats off, and a heartfelt thank you, to everyone who participated in our recent 'Proportional Representation Loves...' Day of Action! It was wonderful to see such creativity and passion for PR.
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