Make Votes Matter is the national movement for Proportional Representation

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If you make a monthly gift to Make Votes Matter, thank you so much. You are amazing! The campaign has grown to the level that it has because of you.

Make Votes Matter is powered by monthly gifts of all sizes. Some of us donate £3 a month. Others donate £10 or £20 a month. Some of us donate £50 or £100 a month. MVM is grateful for every single penny, and every month your donation is hard at work helping to win equal votes.

The more resources that the campaign has, the closer we get to the day when we finally scrap First Past the Post for good.

If you are in a position to increase the size of your monthly gift by any amount, you can grow the campaign even more than you already have. It’s easy to do and you will help bring PR closer every month.

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However you choose to support the campaign, thank you. Together, we will win equal votes!