Congratulations to Lord Bob Kerslake, our March 2022 Democracy Ally of the Month!

In the last week of March, MVM supporters voted on a shortlist for Democracy Ally of the Month, a celebration of some of the contributions of MVM’s Allies to the campaign for Equal Votes.

This month’s shortlist consisted of:

  • MVM York & North Yorkshire, who have assiduously lobbied peers about the Elections Bill throughout the month

  • Lord Bob Kerslake, who has campaigned passionately against the extension of First Past the Post in the Elections Bill.

  • Liberal Democrats for Electoral Reform, for holding a series of panel events on PR at Lib Dem Conference

  • Chris Clarkson MP, for joining the Alliance for Proportional Representation and presenting at the latest meeting of the APPG for Electoral Reform.

The Voting:

528 MVM supporters voted on the nominees during the last week of March. A candidate needed 50% of votes to win. If a candidate failed to receive 50% of votes, the least popular candidate was eliminated, and their votes redistributed according to their second preferences. This continued until one candidate has 50% of votes.

Round 1:

Lord Kerslake: 190 

LDER: 139 

MVM York & N. Yorks: 130 

Chris Clarkson: 69 

Chris Clarkson is eliminated and his second preference votes redistributed

Round 2

Lord Kerslake: 190 + 38 Chris Clarkson 2nd pref: 228 

LDER: 139 + 20 Chris Clarkson 2nd pref: 153 

MVM York & N. Yorks: 130 + 17 Chris Clarkson 2nd pref: 147 

MVM York & North Yorkshire is eliminated and their second preference votes redistributed 

17 Chris Clarkson voters put MVM York & North Yorkshire as their second preference. Their third preference votes are reallocated.

15 MVM York & North Yorkshire voters put Chris Clarkson as their second preference. Their third preference votes are reallocated.

Lord Kerslake: 228 + 90 MVM YNY 2nd pref: 318

LDER: 153 + 25 MVM YNY 2nd pref: 178

Lord Kerslake: 318 + 10 Chris Clarkson 3rd pref: 328

LDER: 185 + 7 Chris Clarkson 3rd pref: 185

Lord Kerslake: 328 + 12 MVM YNY 3rd pref: 340

LDER: 185 + 3 MVM YNY 3rd pref: 188

Lord Kerslake wins!