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Press releases

Record distorted election result raises question marks for new government

Across a whole series of measures, the general election has produced one of the most distorted results in the UK’s democratic history. Voters up and down the country woke up the day after election day to a result that, to an unprecedented extent, did not reflect how they voted.
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UK cabinet ministers shortest serving in western democracies, report finds

Cabinet ministers appointed in the current parliament have on average served in one post for just eight months - a record low for comparable democracies in the same period, according to a new report. While the UK has long been home to a higher rate of ministerial turnover than most other advanced democracies, its progressively…
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Record year for crowdfunder donations shows rising tide of support for voting reform, campaigners say, as pressure mounts on Keir Starmer

2023 saw more money donated as part of Make Votes Matter crowdfunders than in any previous year, the campaign group for Proportional Representation (PR) has revealed. Make Votes Matter’s announcement comes as parliamentarians and campaigners have penned a joint letter to Keir Starmer urging him to commit to Proportional Representation for general elections.
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Proposed electoral system a step forward but can still be improved, democracy group tells Senedd Committee

Make Votes Matter was invited to give oral evidence to the Senedd Reform Bill Committee in Cardiff Bay regarding the Welsh government’s electoral reform proposals. Committee members heard that democracy is far more effective when it is more representative of the diverse views and experiences of the population.
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PR makes for better government; First Past the Post is corrupt, Tommy Sheppard MP tells SNP Conference fringe

Westminster is not working - not for Scotland or for the rest of the UK. This was the conclusion of a packed MVM fringe event at SNP Conference bringing together senior SNP figures at Westminster and prominent democracy campaigners. Speaking at the event, Tommy Sheppard MP described First Past the Post as “a corrupt system…[that]…
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The Tories are losing voters who think we need political reform, new poll finds

Appetite for political reform is overwhelming, with voters that have abandoned the Conservatives since 2019 much more strongly in favour of democratic reform than current Conservative voters, new polling conducted for Make Votes Matter has found.
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Make Votes Matter in the media
How can I vote rejoin on July 4?
MVM spokesperson quoted in The New European, 19 June 2024
Bid to boost youth vote as polling suggests widespread disillusionment
MVM's Molly Maguire quoted in The Independent, 16 April 2024
Jeremy Hunt Used Autumn Statement to 'Channel Funds to Marginal Conservative Seats' Analysis Suggests,
MVM analysis of Autumn Statement giveaways covered in Byline Times, 28 November 2023
Stability and Strong Government? Not with this Merry-Go-Round',
MVM volunteer Dylan Difford writes in Byline Times, 16 November 2023
The Tories are losing voters who think we need political reform, new poll finds,
New MVM poll findings described in Bright Green, 22 October 2023
Keir Starmer 'Waters Down' Labour Commitment to Overhauling Unelected House of Lords,
MVM CEO, Klina Jordan, quoted in Byline Times, 19 October 2023
‘Proportional representation will lead to better politics’, Labour conference told,
MVM joint fringe at Labour Party Conference written up in Left Foot Forward, 12 October 2023
Reform of UK democracy needed to tackle climate crisis, Green Party conference hears,
MVM joint fringe at Green Party Conference written up in Left Foot Forward, 8 October 2023
We have to build the biggest possible campaign' for democratic reform, Liberal Democrat conference told,
MVM joint fringe at Lib Dem Conference written up in Left Foot Forward, 25 September 2023
Politics should be about the people – it’s crucial we secure democratic reform,
MVM CEO, Klina Jordan, and allies in Lib Dem Voice, 21 September 2023
The Untold Tale of How and Why Britain has First Past the Post,
MVM supporter Michael Bursill writing in Chartist Magazine, 15 September 2023
Proportional representation will benefit voters,
Sort The System mentioned in New Milton Advertiser and Lymington Times, 7 July 2023
From The Stump: Time to make votes matter,
Wokingham Today, 27 May 2023
Jamie Stone calls for electoral reform at Sort The System event,
MVM mentioned in John O’Groat Journal and Caithness Courier, 25 May 2023
From The Stump: Time to make votes matter,
MVM mentioned in Wokingham Today by Louise Timlin, 27 May 2023, in relation to Sort The System
Sort The System: proportional representation and accountability,
joint op-ed by MVM CEO, Klina Jordan, and ally, Tom Brake, in Yorkshire Bylines, 23 May 2023
Tell your MP why we need Equal Votes for Westminster,
MVM mentioned in Liberal Democrat Voice by ally, Christine Jardine MP, 18 May 2023, in relation to Sort The System
I was wrong about our political system – compulsory voting is one way to fix it,
Alastair Campbell in I News, 17 May 2023, in relation to MVM
First Past the Post is at the heart of a lack of trust in politics,
MVM mentioned in Left Foot Forward, 11 May 2023, in relation to Sort The System
Our election turnout is lower than most European countries. Would PR help?,
MVM mentioned in The New European, 9 May 2023, in relation to Sort The System
Starmer Under Pressure to Commit to PR Voting System and Breaking Up Media Giants from Labour Grassroots,
MVM CEO Klina Jordan quoted in Bylines Times, 21 March 2023, in relation to democracy sector submissions to Labour Party consultation
How the UK’s electoral system holds back green groups,
MVM co-founder Owen Winter and Allies Clive Lewis MP and Caroline Lucas MP quoted in Financial Times, 27 February 2023
Carlisle MP and Stanwix councillor divided on calls for electoral overhaul
MVM’s Councils for PR project with Get PR Done! cited in Cumberland News and Star, 2 September 2022
Council votes to end 'outdated' voting system
MVM’s Councils for PR project with Get PR Done! cited in the Weston Mercury, 19 July 2022
Wakefield by-election: Proportional Representation would give us the MPs we deserve,
MVM CEO Klina Jordan in the Yorkshire Post, 23 June 2022
Alternative Queen's Speech in full as campaigners demand Boris Johnson clean up politics
MVM among democracy organisations demanding better democracy, in the Mirror, 7 May 2022
Cornwall Council rejects idea to lower the voting age to 16
Make Votes Matter cited in motion to Cornwall Council to reject FPTP, in Pirate FM, 16 April 2022
Decision made on whether to lower voting age to 16 in Cornwall
Make Votes Matter cited in motion to Cornwall Council to reject FPTP, in Falmouth Packet, 13 April 2022
Proportional Representation vs First Past the Post
MVM mentioned in North East Bylines, 28 February 2022
Muslim assembly member joins Make Votes Matter rally
Ally Hina Bokhari AM quoted in The Muslim News, 25 February 2022
Fight the elections bill: we can’t let the Tories downgrade our democracy
Ally Labour MP Cat Smith writes in LabourList 22 February 2022
A Tale of Two Protests: February 2022
Elections Bill Rally coverage and quotes from speakers in West England Bylines, 21 February 2022
Letters: 'Suspend Tees dredging until chemical ruled out over crab deaths'
MVM mentioned in Darlington & Stockton Times, 20 Febrary 2022
North Londoners join rally to protest against Elections Bill
Emma Knaggs, Hina Bokhari and Mark Kieran quoted in Ham & High, 9 Februrary 2022
Protests held against government’s Elections Bill
Ally Labour MP Cat Smith quoted in The Morning Star, 6 February 2022
Something has to change - Islamophobia in politics and making votes matter!
Ally Hina Bokhari, AM writes in London Liberal Democrats on the Election Bill Rally, 4 February 2022
Say no to the Elections Bill
MVM Election Bill Rallys covered by Central Bylines, 2 February 2022
Letter: Support Make Votes Matter and make a difference
Green Party Councillor David Noland writes to the Craven Herald, 20 January 2022
Why Labour should prepare for a hung parliament
MVM and Labour activist Alick Munro writes in Left Foot Forward, 18 January 2022
Germany’s new coalition represents better politics: Could the UK follow?
MVM & GSA mentioned in, 11 December 2021
Democracy under threat from the elections bill
Yorkshire Bylines 25 November 2021
It’s time to embrace a better voting system
Conservative member of the London Assembly, Emma Best urges “more Conservatives (to get) involved in Make Votes Matter’s campaign for Proportional Representation”, 5 November 2021
Representation for All – Labour’s Last Chance?
MVM quoted in West England Bylines, 15 October 2021
Government warned changing voting systems without scrutiny sets a “dangerous precedent”
MVM’s Klina Jordan and other allies quoted in PoliticsHome, 4 October 2021
Labour conference to hold landmark proportional representation debate
L4ND’s Caroline Osbourne quoted in ahead of conference vote, 27 September 2021
Proportional representation overwhelmingly backed by Labour groups at conference
L4ND’s Caroline Osbourne quoted in Left Foot Forward ahead of conference vote, 26 September 2021
Labour conference to hold crunch vote tomorrow on backing proportional representation
L4ND’s Caroline Osbourne quoted in The Mirror ahead of conference vote, 26 September 2021
Exclusive: Public support for PR, debt cancellation, decriminalising cannabis
Labour List editor Sienna Rodgers on polling showing public support for PR, 24 September 2021
The Guardian view on Labour’s voting plans: empower the electorate
A Guardian editorial supporting the campaign for PR, 23 September 2021
Westminster needs to learn from the rest of the UK when it comes to fairer votes
Ally Clive Lewis on how Labour and Westminster should look to the success of PR in the devolved assemblies in, 23 September 2021
Making votes matter in the Midlands
MVM’s Surrinder Chera writing in Central Bylines about his personal experience of the impact of FPTP on his home of the Midlands, 21 September 2021
How Keir Starmer can save the UK from elective dictatorship
David Ward on the historical battle for PR within Labour, including mention of L4ND and how the UK can learn from New Zealand, 18 September 2021
We disagree on much about Labour, but we agree that the party should back PR
L4ND member Laura Parker and the NEC’s Luke Akehurst writing for Labour List, 15 September 2021
Do our votes even matter in the UK?
MVM’s Surrinder Chera appears on In.Society podcast talking about all things PR, 15 September 2021
Local parties pressure Starmer over PR ahead of conference
Ally LCER quoted in, 14 September 2021
Keir Starmer under pressure from Labour grassroots to back voting reform ahead of conference
L4ND member Caroline Osbourne quoted in iNews, 14 September 2021
More CLPs call for PR backing than any other issue in recent conference history
L4ND member Caroline Osbourne quoted in Labour List, 14 September 2021
Labour Party Conference guide 2021: 10 dramatic flashpoints facing Keir Starmer
Discussion of broader campaign for PR within Labour and L4ND’s Laura Parker mentioned in The Mirror, 28 August 2021
Oppose PR? Then let’s hear your positive case for first-past-the-post
L4ND members Joe Sousek and Caroline Osborne quoted in Labour List, 17 August 2021
Which policy motions are being backed by groups for Labour conference 2021?
L4ND motion featured, Labour List, 11 August 2021
What is Proportional Representation?
MVM’s Owen Winter explains all on the Left Whingers Podcast, 4 August 2021
Our democracy is broken – Britain needs electoral reform now
Writes ally Femi Oluwole, supporting MVM’s summer day of action. The Independent, 31 July 2021
Wera Hobhouse: Democracy is failing us – Day of Action Saturday 31 July
Writes Wera Hobhouse MP, supporting MVM’s summer day of action. Liberal Democrat Voice, 25 July 2021
Keir Starmer is shrinking the Labour party
MVM polling of Labour members mentioned in Guardian article, 25 July 2021
Ministers have launched an attack on our already ailing democracy
Zack Polanski, London AM and MVM supporter, calls on people to join the summer day of action on Saturday 31st July. Left Foot Forward, 21 July 2021
Exclusive: 83% of members say Labour should back proportional representation
MVM-commissioned polling covered in Labour List, 19 July 2021
Does your vote count?
MVM campaign graphics and polling data used in East Anglia Bylines article, 19 July 2021
Here are key votes Tories would have lost under 'fairer' system
Links to MVM Twitter feed. The National, 7 July 2021
Supporting change to the electoral system should be a core Labour issue
Singer and activist Billy Bragg, who was on the panel of a recent L4ND roadhsow event, writes for LabourList. 21 June 2021
A young person’s priority
LCER’s Ewan Wadd writing in Chartist Magazine on the younger generation’s desire for fairer votes, 11 June 2021
Conference 2021: why Christians in Labour need to reject our antiquated voting system
L4ND’s Samuel Kind writing in Christians on the Left, 2 June 2021
The push for PR gathers momentum
Trade unionist and Labour parliamentary candidate Julian Vaughan on the need for fairer votes, 26 May 2021
Reform electoral system or keep losing to Tories, Keir Starmer warned
Joe Sousek, Co-CEO of Make Votes Matter and organiser for Labour for a New Democracy quoted in the Guardian, 23 May 2021
If only Labour would start striking deals on seats, think what it could do
The Guardian mentions Labour for a New Democracy, Thu 13 May 2021
Wera Hobhouse MP: These Tory plans to change the voting system are a power grab.
Wera Hobhouse MP supporting the MVM petition ‘Less First Past the Post (FPTP), not more’. Left Foot Forward, 13 May 2021
Electoral reform campaigners launch ‘roadshow’ urging Labour to back PR
Caroline Osborne and Joe Sousek speaking on behalf of Labour for a New Democracy in Labour List, 12 May 2021
The UK’s voting system is already broken but Priti Patel wants to make it worse
Quotes Emma Knaggs, Grassroots Director, The Canary, 10 May 2021
Priti Patel warned not to ‘attack democracy’ by changing mayoral voting system
key findings of new MVM study on stability summarised in Bright Green, 23 October 2023
Proportional representation is no threat to political stability, new study finds,
The Green candidate for Mayor of London Siân Berry says voters are being let down by the unrepresentative First Past The Post system. Evening Standard, 12 May 2021
Why first-past-the-post steals elections for right-wing parties – and how to stop it
MVM’s Co-founder and Labour for a New Democracy (L4ND) Organiser, Joe Sousek and Laura Parker, from L4ND write in the New Statesman, 22 April 2021
12 reasons why the UK needs Proportional Representation now -
writes MVM supporter Richard Wood - Upgrade Holyrood website, 21 April 2021
Labour MPs call for vote change
Sunday Mirror, 18 April 2021
It's Time to Fix Our Broken Electoral System: PR Here We Come.
MVM’s Owen Winter interviewed on the James J Dart podcast, 16 April 2021
PR would mean no vote is wasted in elections.
Letter by MVM’s Sarah Hudspith in response to an article in The New European, 9 April 2021
‘Labour can learn lessons on electoral reform from New Zealand’ -
Labour MP Ruth Cadbury on experience of proportional representation in NZ to argue for electoral reform in the UK. The New European, 29 March 2021
The U.K. needs electoral reform after Coronavirus — along with a wider shake-up of the Establishment
Contains graphics courtesy of Make Votes Matter. Blog by Dominic Simpson, 27 March 2021
‘Our voting system is rigged. Labour must back proportional representation’
Former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell sets out the ‘Socialist Case for PR’ ahead of Momentum’s policy primary launch, which includes a motion for PR. LabourList, 23 March 2021
Greens pick candidate for Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner election
MVM campaign mentioned. Eastbourne Herald, 22 March 2021
First Past the Post
Paul Dickson writes about Scotland’s experience of Proportional Representation. Peeblesshire News, 19 March 2021
So Long As Our Voting System is Rigged, the Tories Will Always Win Elections
Labour councillor writes why it is important Labour support PR and discusses the work of Labour for a New Democracy, the coalition MVM works with to get Labour behind PR. Novara Media, 9 March 2021
‘One in four local parties demand Labour backs proportional representation’
Alex Sobel MP, chair of the APPG on Electoral Reform and Make Votes Matter supporter quoted in Labour List article about L4ND and MVM’s campaign, 17 February 2021
‘Labour to consider reform of voting system following pressure from local parties’
The Labour Party is mulling over a decision to add electoral reform to its manifesto after party activists vote to end the first-past-the-post system. The New European, 17 February 2021.
‘Electoral reform is on the Labour agenda as local parties push for an end to first-past-the-post voting’
The Labour leadership is set to examine the case for electoral reform as party activists pile pressure on Sir Keir Starmer to ditch the first-past-the-post system. The i, 16 February 2021.
‘Labour must once again be the party of constitutional reform’
Keiran O’Neill writes that the Labour leadership must support a fairer voting system as over 25% of local Labour parties and 73% of members support PR. LabourList, 15 February 2021.
‘Labour shifts towards electoral reform support’
Alex Sobel MP, chair of the APPG on Electoral Reform and Make Votes Matter supporter, says the Labour membership and MPs are moving towards electoral reform., 15 February 2021.
‘Cross party electoral group set up to reform UK’s voting laws’
Backed by the Electoral Reform Society (ERS) and Make Votes Matter (MVM), the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Electoral Reform was launched yesterday. The National, 13 February 2021.
‘Carmichael joins push for electoral reform with new cross-party campaign’
Alistair Carmichael MP (Orkney and Shetland, Lib Dem) has joined the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Electoral Reform in a fresh effort to create a more representative democracy. The Orcadian Online, 13 February 2021.
‘Championship footballer wants “fair” voting system’
David Wheeler, the Wycombe Wanderers’ winger and Make Votes Matter ambassador, argues that the current system forces people to vote tactically in elections rather than vote for what they believe in., 29 January 2021.
‘Change the way we vote’
Charles Robertson and Gopa Roy write that the a fairer voting system is needed to reflect how people actually vote. Camden New Journal, 28 January 2021.
Proportional Representation = Proper Representation
blog post by suporter encouraging people to sign up to the MVM campaign. December 30, 2020
'All we want for Christmas is a vote that matters,' say Hackney campaigners
On December 12, Hackney Make Votes Matter (MVM) supporters took part in a nationwide Day of Action. Hackney Gazette, 18 December, 2020.
Tower Hamlets campaigners call for change in voting system
Tower Hamlets Make Votes Matter supporters took part in a nationwide Day of Action on Saturday and came together to send Christmas cards to their MP demanding equal votes. East London Advertiser, 15 December 2020.
Action Day for campaigners aiming to change the voting system
North West Make Votes Matter supporters took part in the action day on Saturday. Warrington Guardian, 14 December 2020.
Letter to the Editor: First Past the Post causes massive distortion
“On the first anniversary of the general election could I remind readers that although our government has an 80 seat majority it achieved this with only 43.6% of the vote”. Daily Echo, 14 December 2020.
Christmas cards pleading for electoral reform to be sent to Richard Drax
Local Make Votes Matter campaigners in Weymouth are calling for reforms to the electoral system on the anniversary of the 2019 General Election. Dorset Echo, 7 December 2020.
Where do Sheffield’s MPs stand when it comes to a fair voting system?
Covid, Brexit, how to ‘do’ Christmas this year; many issues are absorbing our attention just now. But there are longer-term governance issues that prevent the wishes of the British people being acted on, and these need urgent attention. Yorkshire Bylines, 20 November 2020.
Is the Labour Party waking up to the need for electoral reform?
Marcus Cain on the Labour Party edging closer to adopting electoral reform as official party policy. Yorkshire Bylines, 27 November 2020
Electoral system an obstacle to proper scrutiny
Stephen Skinner outlines how the Fist Past the Post electoral system hinders scrutiny for both local and national governments. Bishop Stortford Independent, 24 November 2020
A system that works against democracy
Stephen Skinner highlights letters on the failings of the First Past the Post electoral system. Hertfordshire Mercury, 19 November 2020
Campaigners say current voting system is a “dangerous outrage”
Sarah Hudspith, Communications, Campaigns and Engagement Leader at MVM sets out the problems with our current voting system. Yorkshire Bylines, 6 October 2020
Compassionate Campaigning: learning how to connect in a time of distance
Hazel Fell-Rayner on the challenges of campaigning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sussex Bylines, 6 October 2020
Make Votes Matter! A Personal Perspective
Laurie Taylor on his experience with the FPTP voting system. West Country Bylines, 4 October 2020
Pushing for broader representation: What proportional representation could mean for Tottenham
Keith Hubbard on the benefits PR could bring to North London. Tottenham Community Press, October 2020
LETTER: We need a fairer voting system
letter by MVM supporter in the Ilkley Gazette, 1 October 2020
Q&A with Labour MP Clive Lewis
The UK’s political system doesn’t lend itself to cross-party cooperation, but that hasn’t stopped Labour MP Clive Lewis from crossing the aisle. Green World, 22 September 2020
Proportional representation is no threat to political stability, new study finds,
key findings of new MVM study on stability summarised in Bright Green, 23 October 2023
Proportional representation is no threat to political stability, new study finds,
key findings of new MVM study on stability summarised in Bright Green, 23 October 2023
Proportional representation is no threat to political stability, new study finds,
key findings of new MVM study on stability summarised in Bright Green, 23 October 2023
Proportional representation is no threat to political stability, new study finds,
key findings of new MVM study on stability summarised in Bright Green, 23 October 2023
Proportional representation is no threat to political stability, new study finds,
key findings of new MVM study on stability summarised in Bright Green, 23 October 2023
Proportional representation is no threat to political stability, new study finds,
key findings of new MVM study on stability summarised in Bright Green, 23 October 2023
The people, not parliament, should choose a new voting system
writes Stuart White, Associate Professor of Politics at Jesus College, Oxford. MVM campaign mentioned. openDemocracy, 21 September 2020
‘Labour for a New Democracy’ launches to push leadership on electoral reform
writes Andrew Kersley for Labour List, 19 September 2020.
Labour groups push for Keir Starmer to back proportional representation
Labour for a New Democracy project in the Independent, 19 September 2020.
Votes matter
Cllr Martin Peters’ letter on the upcoming action on Taunton High Street (12 September). Somerset County Gazette, 10 September 2020
Make Votes Matter: Inside The Campaign For Electoral Reform
Podcast interview with Co-Chief Executive Klina Jordan. The Bunker, 7 September 2020
Casting light on voting reform battle
Day of Action coverage. Fishponds Voice, September 2020
Campaigners call for voting system change
Day of Action coverage. Totnes Times, 3 September 2020
Campaigners demand democracy with Make Votes Matter rally in Bromsgrove
Day of Action coverage. Bromsgrove Standard, 29 August 2020
Stroud campaigners call for reform of electoral system
Day of Action coverage. Stroud News and Journal, 28 August 2020
Activists occupy car park in protest demanding voting changes
Day of Action coverage. The Argus, 28 August 2020
‘We want fairer votes’: Campaigners take to the streets of Oxford
Day of Action coverage in Oxford. Oxford Mail, 24 August 2020
Gosport Make Votes Matter campaign group demands fairer voting system
Coverage of the Day of Action in Gosport. The News, 23 August 2020.
Voting shake-up campaigners protest in Hereford
Coverage of the Day of Action in Hereford. Ledbury Reporter, 22 August 2020
Demo for PR voting
Coverage of the Day of Action in Gosport and Fareham. The Globe, 22 August 2020
EuroDog on Democracy Day: make votes matter!
Day of Action coverage. West Country Bylines, 22 August 2020
Make Votes Matter New Forest campaigners call for reform of electoral system
Cllr David Harrison on the Day of Action. David Harrison, 22 August 2020
A proportional voting system is the first step in fixing our broken democracy
op-ed by Green Party peer Natalie Bennett mentioning the MVM Day of Action. PoliticsHome, 21 August 2020
Summertown protesters to call for voting reform
Coverage prior to Day of Action. Oxford Mail, 21 August 2020
‘Make Votes Matter’ event in Bromsgrove will call for ‘fairer voting system’
Local news coverage of MVM Day of Action plans and interview with local organiser Dr David Nicholl. Bromsgrove Standard, 21 August 2020
Make Votes Matter
Geoff Hardman’s letter on the MVM campaign and our Day of Action. The Week In, 19 August 2020, Page 8
Ham&High letters: Food poverty, the Ponds, Covid testing, public spaces, voting and government
Letter mentioning MVM and the correlation between proportional systems and greater social/economic equality. Hampstead Highgate Express, 16 August 2020
Hundreds of party members are calling on Labour to back proportional representation
Sandy Martin’s article mentioning MVM campaign. LabourList, 7 August 2020
Countries with PR are more successful at reducing carbon emissions than majoritarian countries
MVM Co-founder and Co-Chief Executive Klina Jordan’s article on PR and positive environmental outcomes. Green Liberal Democrats, 6 August 2020
Interview with Daniel Laycock - Campaigns Co-ordinator candidate for GPEx
Interview mentioning a call for further collaboration between the Greens and MVM in Bright Green, 2 August 2020
Interview with Julia Lagoutte - Publications coordinator candidate for GPEx
Interview mentioning MVM and the barriers of FPTP in Bright Green, 1 August 2020
Lewes campaigners call for reform of electoral system
Coverage of an MVM Lewes Action Day in the Sussex Express, 9 July 2020
Letter to the editor: Unfair voting system for BCP Council
Letter arguing for PR at local elections in the Bournemouth Echo, 9 July 2020
Government abandons boundary shakeup to cut number of MPs to 600
MVM Co-Chief Executive Joe Sousek quoted in the Independent, 24 March, 2020
Readers' Letter: Electorate are losing faith in democracy
MVM campaign mentioned in the Southern Daily Echo, 16 March, 2020
The only way to a Labour victory may be a pact with the Lib Dems
Polly Toynbee Guardian column mentions MVM-commissioned
Proportional representation is no threat to political stability, new study finds,
key findings of new MVM study on stability summarised in Bright Green, 23 October 2023
Proportional representation is no threat to political stability, new study finds,
key findings of new MVM study on stability summarised in Bright Green, 23 October 2023
Proportional representation is no threat to political stability, new study finds,
key findings of new MVM study on stability summarised in Bright Green, 23 October 2023
Proportional representation is no threat to political stability, new study finds,
key findings of new MVM study on stability summarised in Bright Green, 23 October 2023
Proportional representation is no threat to political stability, new study finds,
key findings of new MVM study on stability summarised in Bright Green, 23 October 2023
Proportional representation is no threat to political stability, new study finds,
key findings of new MVM study on stability summarised in Bright Green, 23 October 2023
Proportional representation is no threat to political stability, new study finds,
key findings of new MVM study on stability summarised in Bright Green, 23 October 2023
MVM local groups in the media
30,000 election votes 'wasted' in Carlisle according to campaign group
The colossal amount of votes expected to count for nothing at the general election highlighted in the Carlisle News and Star, 20 June 2024
Campaign group calling for change to electoral system will hold debate
MVM Oxon debate on electoral reform trailed in the Oxford Mail, 19 June 2024
Under proportional representation, people can be sure that their vote counts
MVM Bristol's Aileen McLoughlin writes into The Observer, 2 June 2024
Should PR be used to ensure fairer voting?
MVM Warrington and North Cheshire's Andy Watson writes into the Warrington Guardian, 8 May 2024
South Devon Primaries is an absurd necessity borne of our dysfunctional FPTP voting system
MVM Totnes' Laurie Taylor writes in the Totnes Times, 18 April 2024
Dear Mr Mangnall - it's not South Devon Primaries that's restricting democracy
MVM Totnes' Laurie Taylor trails his upcoming talk on PR in the Totnes Times, 14 March 2024
Why we must do away with safe seats
MVM Totnes' Laurie Taylor laments the necessity of tactical voting in the Totnes Times, 29 February 2024
Let's make 2024 the year for much-needed voting reform
MVM supporter Frank O’Gorman writes into the Alton Herald, 8 January 2024
It's time for our democracy to catch up with the times
MVM supporter Sally Pillinger writes into the Frome Times, 4 January 2024
It’s time for urgent action
MVM supporter Penny Freeman writes into the Chichester Advertiser, 4 January 2024
Perceived lack of honesty in politics
MVM supporter E. Welch writes into the Staffordshire Newsletter, 3 January 2024
Electoral reform needed
MVM supporter Greg Brown writes into their local paper, 24 December 2023
Reader’s letter: Fairer voting system needed
MVM supporter S Dando writes into the Newark Advertiser, 24 December 2023
I'm writing to show support for Proportional Representation
MVM supporter Ian Border writes into the Salisbury Journal, 19 December 2023
Politics isn’t working - we need PR in the UK
MVM supporter Sue Lister writes into York Press, 18 December 2023
Labour should do the right thing
MVM Warrington and North Cheshire group leader, Andy Watson, in Warrington Guardian, 26 Oct 2023
Two of your correspondents could help boost the ‘Councils for PR’ campaign
MVM North London’s Charlotte Blake in Camden New Journal, 24 Aug 2023
The FPTP system needs to change
MVM North London’s Susan Roebuck in Camden New Journal, 24 Aug 2023
Electoral system is clearly busted
MVM North London’s Trevor O’Farrell trails Sort The System in Camden New Journal, 18 May 2023
Letter to the editor
MVM South Hampshire’s Sally Yalden makes the case for PR for local elections in the Hampshire Chronicle, 12 May 2023
Clarification please, Sir Keir
MVM North London’s Barry Edwards questions the consistency of Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s statements on PR in the Islington Tribune, 11 May 2023
Call to ‘make votes matter’
Westmorland Gazette, 1 December 2022
Make Votes Matter send a message to Westminster
North West Bylines, 30 November 2022
Systems to improve voting
Islington Tribune, 10 June 2022
FPTP is a political bully’s charter
Camden New Journal, 9 June 2022
Make Votes Matter campaign arrives in Kendal
Westmorland Gazette, 9 June 2022
Haringey activists protest against elections bill
Haringey Community Press, 18 March 2022
Campaigners want to change electoral system
Warrington Worldwide, 16 March 2022
Election Bill protesters take to the street
Kingsbridge & Salcombe Gazette, 16 February 2022
Let's restore democracy to our land by making every vote count
MVM campaigner Georgie Sale in The Northern Echo, 12 February 2022
Roads BLOCKED and dancing in the Arndale on day of protest in city centre
MVM Manchester mentioned in Manchester Evening News, 5 February 2022
PR messages for Sir Keir
MVM North London’s delivery of postcards to Keir Starmer’s constituency office in the Camden New Journal, 17 September 2021
PR campaigners make a noise
Cambridge Independent, 4 August 2021
Action Day held in Piccadilly Gardens
Mancunian Matters, 2 August 2021
Make a noise for proportional representation!
Hastings Online Times, 2 August 2021
Hundreds back call for 'fair' votes
Summer day of action coverage, York Press, 2 August 2021
Campaigners oppose plans to change voting system for Tower Hamlets mayor
Summer day of action coverage, East London Advertiser, 2 August 2021
interviewed on BBC Radio Sussex
talking about #MakeNoiseForPR, 2 August 2021
Wanstead and Havering residents 'make noise' for proportional representation
Summer day of action coverage, Romford Recorder, 2 August 2021
Lancaster residents join call to 'make noise for proportional representation'
Lancaster Guardian reports on #MakeNoiseForPR, 2 August 2021
LETTER: Make Votes Matter in Taunton town centre TODAY
Summer day of action coverage, Somerset County Gazette, 31 July 2021
Campaigners in to ‘make a noise’ for a PR change
MVM York in the Gazette & Herald, 30 July 2021
Cumbrian campaigners to ‘make a noise’ in Lancaster to change to proportional representation
Details of MVM North Lancashire’s interactive street stall for the ‘Make Noise for PR’ Action Day. Westmorland Gazette. 27 July 2021
Make Noise for PR! Make Votes Matter Summer Day of Action in Totnes
MVM supporter calls on local residents to join the street stall in Totnes on Saturday 31st July, West Country Bylines. 26 July 2021
'Our first-past-the-post voting system doesn't add up'
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Letter: First past the post system 'truly undemocratic'
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So what happened to our democracy?
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New Forest Labour, Lib Dems and Greens call to axe first-past-the-post elections system
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Letter to the editor: Make Votes Matter
MVM supporter Barbara Czoch’s letter published by Byline Times, 19 May 2021
Campaigners calling for voting reform
Make Votes Matter Totnes protest in Totnes on Super Thursday, 18 May 2021
A One-Party Race? A look at the voting systems in Manchester.
Emma Knaggs, Grassroots Director at MVM, interviewed in Mancunian Matters, 17 May 2021
Petition launched against Priti Patel’s first-past-the-post plan
Surrinder Chera, MVM Hastings group leader quoted in Hastings online Times, May 2021
Bath MP supports petition to not change the voting system
Make Votes Matter has launched a petition. In Your Area Bath, 13 May 2021
As parliament reopens, the government moves to undermine our democracy
MVM Grassroots Director, Emma Knaggs, quoted in the Yorkshire Byline Times, 10 May 2021
Emanuel School welcomes back former student after 50 years
MVM Totnes group leader gives talk at old school, Wandsworth Guardian, 28 April 2021
Majority of Herts County Council candidates in East Herts support proportional representation
survey by MVM East Herts, Bishop’s Stortford Independent, 3 May 2021
Are local elections democractic?
MVM Manchester’s Abbie Jones interviewed about electoral reform. Bylines Podcast Network - 26 April 2021
Say no to First Past the polls
MVM North London met with a representative from Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn’s office to discuss PR. Islington Tribune, 26 March 2021.
MP backs calls for chage to voting system
MVM Bath’s Equal Votes Lobby, Bath Chronicle. 25 March 2021
Poplar's MP lobbied by voters to scrap 'first past post' elections
East London Advertiser, 19 March 2021. MVM East London.
Campaign to make your vote matter with new group
Bishop’s Stortford Independent, 11 March 2021
Electoral reform group launched
New MVM East Herts group featured in Saffron Walden Reporter. 9 March 2021
Politics is in crisis because of voting system
Letter by MVM campaigners in Stroud. Stroud News & Journal, 8 March 2021
Barnstaple spearheads campaign to shake-up voting system
MVM campaign mentioned. In Your Area, 3 March 2021
‘Governing Cornwall in the 21st Century’
Make Votes Matter Cornwall and the Cornish Constitutional Convention hosted a webinar, featuring Derek Thomas, MP for St Ives, to discuss how Cornwall can be better represented in the UK political system Cornish Stuff, 23 February 2021.
‘New campaign group want to change voting system’
Campaigners from Sefton and West Lancs are joining forces to form a new local group dedicated to campaigning for Proportional Representation. Champion newspapers, January 2021.
‘Online meeting for vote change’
THIRSK & Malton Green Party meeting on Proportional Representation with Laura Vinton representing Make Votes Matter. Gazette and Herald, 29 January 2021.