Make Votes Matter is the national movement for Proportional Representation


Join us on this enlightening journey. Explore, learn, and engage with the multifaceted world of politics. Together, let's elevate our understanding, amplify our voices, and shape a brighter tomorrow through informed decision-making.

Downloadable Resources

We often have requests by activists for downloadable resources. The following is a set of documents and resources for activists looking to campaign on behalf of Make Votes Matter. If you are looking to get hold of Make Votes Matter branded merchandise please visit our online shop.

If you run one of our local groups we can send you materials to use on street stalls or any other local events you’re running. There’s a page explaining what’s available and how to ask for top-ups here.

  • Printable Leaflets and Posters

    A5 general leaflet
    General window poster
    Election Window Poster
    Equal Votes Now
    Democracy Defence Coalition
    MVM Totnes leaflet
    Healthcare and Democracy single
    Labour for PR Posters
    Lib Dem Poster and Car Sticker
    Black Votes Matter leaflet
    Union Pamphlet
    North Lancs Postcard
  • Reports

    Strong and Stable
    The Many, Not The Few
    Peterloo: The Path to PR
    A History of FPTP
  • Digital Activism

    Social Sharing Images and Videos
    Beginners Social Media Training
    Video - Beginners Training
    Advanced Training Coming Soon!
  • Information, Facts and How To Guides

    Lobby your MP at a me
    Run a street stall
    Write a letter to local p..
    Write a press release
    Run a Writeathon
    Organise a hustings
    Set up an online mee..
  • Local Group Resources

    Local Group Resources
    QR Petition sign-up
    Petition sign-up sheet
    University Toolkit
    Schools engagemen
    Key Campaign Mess..
    How to Run a Street S...
    Local Meeting Poster
    Invite for Local Parties
    First Meeting Draft A..
    Local Group Campaig
    Template council m..
    Social Media Guide..
  • Logos and Branding

    MVM Logo
    MVM Logo White Back
  • Other Resources

    50 Years of Votes D..
    Votes VS Seats per...