Make Votes Matter is the national movement for Proportional Representation

Make Proportional Representation a priority for the next government!

Target: Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer

Britain is broken: from the cost of living crisis to insecure housing and the NHS, the Westminster system has not only failed to address our problems, it has made fixing them harder.

The way we’re doing politics needs to change. At the moment, the system produces sticking plaster politics. It’s why we get slogans and gimmicks, but no real answers, and none of the long-term decisions the country needs.

It incentivises politicians and parties to act in their own interests – and not in ours. It’s the system that is holding us back.

This is about how power is wielded. It’s not enough just to replace the cast at the top. We need a better political system – underpinned by Proportional Representation (PR) – that is fit to tackle the challenges we face.

We know that for Britain to get its future back we need a better way of doing politics.

If you agree, please add your name here to show Messrs Sunak and Starmer that PR is a Doorstep Demand.

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