Make Votes Matter is the national movement for Proportional Representation

2023 Winter Crowdfunder

Thank you for raising £63,985!

You will fund pro-PR campaigning in marginal seats across the UK.
While we didn’t quite hit our target on this occasion, we did get 91% of the way.

Thank you for your incredible generosity in these difficult economic times.
The winter crowdfunder is now closed.

If you missed out but would still like to contribute, you can give to the general MVM fund on

Fund campaigning in the marginals. End First Past the Post.

Chances are, your vote is always ignored.

If you’re like the majority of the UK, you live in a safe seat.
Politicians spend the entire election campaign ignoring you. They’re spending their time appealing to those in marginal constituencies because under First Past the Post, only their votes can make a difference to the outcome of the election.

The thing is, Proportional Representation is popular everywhere – including in marginals.

By joining this crowdfunder, you will fund pro-PR campaigning in marginal seats across the UK.

You will help mobilise residents living in marginal seats to campaign for PR.
So when political parties knock on the doors of the people they care most about, they will hear a clear message: First Past the Post must end. It’s time for PR.

That will pressure parties to take action on unequal votes if elected to Government.

And with all the media focus on marginals, this is also the way to push fair votes into the national conversation.

Even if you can’t be heard with your vote, you can be heard with your wallet – please donate to the campaign today!

This is urgent – a year at most until the election

Rishi Sunak has the power to call the election on the exact date he thinks will benefit him most.

If the election comes early, we can’t afford to be unprepared.

When the election is officially called, we’ll increase the pace of campaigning.
But it won’t be enough unless the preparation is done beforehand.

That’s why the best way to make an impact is to donate now.

This crowdfunder is open until 12 December – four years since the last general election. It’s the start of the final stretch before the next one.

We need to raise £70,000 before the deadline.

Can you help make it happen? Every single pound makes a difference.

The political moment

Labour are slowly shifting. Keir Starmer has endorsed Labour’s new policy:

“The flaws in the current voting system are contributing to the distrust and alienation we see in politics, but there is no consensus for a new system. Any proposed change to our voting system must be carefully thought-through – it cannot be dictated by political leaders or forced upon the country from the top down.”

The party is finally recognising the flaws in the current system. But they’re not yet promising to do anything about it.

It’s clear that Keir Starmer cares about what voters in marginal seats tell him, even more than he cares about the near-consensus for PR that exists among the Labour membership and affiliated trade unions.

This is where you come in, regardless of who you vote for.

Remember, PR is already popular among voters in marginal seats.

Mobilising this voter demand in marginals is what will move the Labour leadership.

There’s already strong cross-party support for PR, including the SNP, Lib Dems, Greens, Reform UK, Plaid Cymru, and many other parties.
And there are a growing number of Conservatives who are quietly thinking that First Past the Post is no longer providing its advertised strong and stable government.

To harness this political moment, chip in today!

Here’s what you’ll fund

Here’s just a few examples of what you could fund:

  • £5 could send a small parcel of leaflets to a new activist who has never campaigned with us before, but who might consider taking this first step.
  • £10  could help towards sending MVM to spring party conferences, to engage with senior stakeholders and encourage them to prioritise PR.
  • £20 could print around 1,800 pro-PR leaflets, ready to be delivered in marginals by volunteer activists.
  • £50 could recruit dozens of new MVM supporters via a social media ad.
  • £100  could pay for Royal Mail to go to a marginal seat and deliver a leaflet to every single household in a small village!

Bonus item! £3,500 could pay for Royal Mail to deliver a leaflet to every household in an entire constituency! If you’d like to sponsor a blanket leaflet drop of an entire marginal constituency, contact us and together we’ll pick a constituency.
Your donation will go towards the general Make Votes Matter fund. This will fund campaign activities such as those outlined, as well as support all aspects of the campaign for Proportional Representation.
Donate now!

Who we are

Make Votes Matter is a cross-party single-issue campaign for Proportional Representation for general elections. We are made up of voters from across the UK who think that everyone deserves an equal vote, wherever you live and whoever you vote for.

Promoted by Make Votes Matter, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX.

If you would like to donate more than £500, you must be registered to vote in the UK. If you donate over £7,500, your name and the amount that you donated may be published.

Doubled donations complete!

A group of dedicated Make Votes Matter supporters offered to match £15,000 worth of your donations to the crowdfunder.
You took barely over a week to donate this much – thank you so much! As the match is complete, new donations will no longer be doubled.

Want to use the system to end the system?

Donate today and fund pro-PR campaigning in the marginals!