Electoral reform activists will descend on Westminster on Tuesday 11th December to lobby Parliamentarians for a change in the way MPs are elected to the House of Commons.

The event, organised by Make Votes Matter, will see people from all over the UK arriving en masse to try and persuade their MPs to support Proportional Representation (PR).

Lobbyists will argue the current voting system – First Past the Post – means Parliament does not reflect the wishes of the British people. The Conservatives and DUP hold a majority of seats in the House of Commons, despite receiving just 43% of the vote in 2017. Meanwhile, 3.5 million people voted for either the Green Party, Liberal Democrats or UKIP – who ended up sharing just 13 MPs between them.

The same week also marks one hundred years since the first general election in which women voted.

Klina Jordan, Co-Founder and Facilitator at Make Votes Matter, said: “It’s fitting that the People’s Lobby for Proportional Representation coincides with the centenary of the first time British women voted. Today, we all have the right to vote. But the fight for equal votes continues. Until we have a voting system that gives us the Parliament we voted for, we don’t have real democracy.

“Two years on from the EU referendum and there is still extreme polarisation and fractious debate within our communities and politics. So much so that even the planned vote on the Brexit deal which was supposed to happen on the same day as our lobby could now be delayed until January. Such division ultimately fails to serve the UK’s best interests – for that we need a truly representative Parliament.”

For information about the People’s Lobby for PR, visit www.makevotesmatter.org.uk/lobby