Voters shouldn’t be tricked into thinking December’s election will result in their views being fairly represented in a new Parliament. 

That’s the message from Klina Jordan, Co-Chief Executive of Make Votes Matter, reacting to news that a general election will be held in December, the first winter election in almost a century.

Klina explains: “The broken First Past the Post (FPTP) voting system is failing so badly, even on it’s own terms, that the general election may well produce another government without a clear majority. The last time one party had majority support from voters was in 1931.

“The only guarantee under FPTP is that we’ll get another disproportionate election result, with a Parliament that does not reflect the votes cast, shuts millions out of politics, and forces many more to vote tactically. If this were a product and voters the buyer, the guarantee wouldn’t be worth the paper it’s written on and we’d be crying out for a refund.

“In order to vote in a general election where all votes count equally, we need Proportional Representation (PR). PR would ensure very few votes are wasted and voters can be confident that their votes will make a difference, giving everyone an incentive to take part in our general elections. 

“Senior politicians are now joining voters to call time on FPTP and demand we change the electoral system to a fair and democratic one. Make Votes Matter’s Good Systems Agreement shows there is now historic cross-party consensus about what good voting systems look like, and that a citizens’ assembly would be the best way to choose one for the UK. It’s time for real democracy.”