Klina Jordan, Co-Chief Executive at Make Votes Matter, said: “Thanks to our undemocratic voting system, the real losers of this election are the British people. Once again, the UK is to be governed by a party that most voters rejected at the ballot box. The UK desperately needs Proportional Representation to level the playing field, so Parliament reflects the people and all votes count equally.

“It’s painfully clear that First Past the Post is not fit for purpose. Over a third of people said they planned to vote tactically to avoid wasting their votes, and millions in safe seats were nothing more than spectators in what’s said to be the most important election in decades.

“Worse still, the results don’t reflect how people have voted despite the tactical voting initiatives. The Conservatives won a majority of seats and can impose whatever form of Brexit and whatever domestic policies they like, knowing that most people didn’t vote for them. Regardless of how you vote, a system which produces a minority government in this way is just wrong.”


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