Make Votes Matter has welcomed the findings of a global study which reveals countries with Proportional Representation (PR) show satisfaction with democracy is higher than ever before.

A report published by Cambridge University today covering 154 countries over several decades finds that last year had the “the highest level of democratic discontent” since 1995. Yet it’s countries with PR like Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and the Netherlands which are bucking this trend.

Co-Chief Executive of Make Votes Matter Klina Jordan said: “It comes as no surprise that dissatisfaction with ‘democracy’ within developed countries is at its highest level in almost 25 years. According to the study, by 2019, for the first time since the mid-1970s, a clear majority of UK citizens were dissatisfied with democracy.

“But as worldwide faith in democracy falls, there is hope. The study also reveals that countries with Proportional Representation – where parliaments reflect the way people vote –  including Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, New Zealand and the Netherlands are bucking this trend.

“Countries with PR have been shown to perform better on average in quality of democracy, in building more equal and egalitarian societies, and in responding to long-term issues like protecting the environment and tackling climate change.

“As December’s general election has shown, the way in which we elect our own MPs leaves much to be desired, depriving millions of voters of their voice in politics. We can’t claim to have real democracy for Westminster elections until we have a form of PR to ensure a fair and representative outcome.

“It seems clear to us that this dissatisfaction with ‘democracy’ could more accurately be seen as frustration with a lack of real democracy.”