Reacting to news that Keir Starmer is the new Labour leader, Joe Sousek, Make Votes Matter Co-Chief Executive said: “Keir Starmer is the first Labour Leader in decades to commit to action on the UK’s undemocratic voting system. Make Votes Matter agrees with him that millions of people feel their votes do not count and that this must be addressed by electoral reform.

“Keir has committed to consulting Labour members on this issue; a move that is long overdue given that our recent YouGov polling found three-quarters of Labour members want the party to support Proportional Representation. Equally important is his promise to include electoral reform in Labour’s planned Constitutional Convention; a commitment that the party seems to have carefully avoided making in recent years.

“Now it’s time for the new Leader to set out concrete plans for how Labour will review its policy on electoral reform in the coming months. As he himself has acknowledged, First Past the Post is letting down millions of voters. Labour needs to listen to these voters and it’s own members by committing to a form of Proportional Representation.”


Notes to Editors

A Make Votes Matter commissioned survey by YouGov found that 76 per cent of Labour members support PR, with just 12 per cent opposed.

During the campaign Keir Starmer said, ‘We’ve got to address the fact that millions of people vote in safe seats and they feel their voice doesn’t count. That’s got to be addressed by electoral reform. We will never get full participation in our electoral system until we do that at every level. I would consult the Party membership on electoral reform and include it within the constitutional convention that looks at wider democratic renewal’.