Home Secretary Priti Patel announced yesterday that the Government plans to introduce First Past the Post to elect the Mayor of London, all Metro Mayors, and Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC).

In a statement, Make Votes Matter urged the Home Secretary to rethink the proposals, claiming this would be a big step backwards for democracy.

Emma Knaggs, Grassroots Director at Make Votes Matter, said: “If elections for the Mayor of London, Metro Mayors and PCCs switch to First Past the Post, many more voters will end up voiceless, being governed by officials they simply didn’t vote for. This move would undermine our crumbling democracy, be a backwards step, and leave millions of people without a say in politics. We urge the Government to rethink their proposals and give voters a chance to make votes matter at the ballot box with a proportional system.

“The Home Secretary claims that this move would bring ‘strong and clear local accountability’, ‘so the public can vote out those who are failing to deliver’. However, this makes no sense, because, under First Past the Post, mayors could easily be rejected by a majority of their voters yet still get re-elected, just because their opponents ‘split’ the vote.

“Expanding First Past the Post is a dangerous concept, but there is hope, and that’s because the movement for a better voting system keeps growing. Join the movement for Proportional Representation today and make a stand for fair votes.”


Note to Editor

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