The Equal Votes Awards (formerly ‘The Democracy Awards’) were held on Wednesday 30th November 2022. It was such a positive evening and a great opportunity to celebrate the work of so many MVM supporters and champions for equal votes, as voted for (using STV) by the public.

Our host, comedian Matt Green, kicked off the evening with a flurry of politically-themed gags.  MVM Chief Executive & Co-founder Klina Jordan then helped Matt introduce the Awards winners, including (in no particular order) Lord Paul Tyler for the Lifetime Achievement Award, Polly Toynbee for the Media Ally Award, and Tom Brake for the Democracy Defender Award. 

Also in attendance was Baroness Natalie Bennett, joint recipient of the Parliamentary Champion Award along with Layla Moran MP.  Apologies were sent by Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, and Clive Lewis MP, joint winners of the Keir Hardie Award, which Klina invited Labour colleagues Stephen Kinnock MP and Alex Sobel MP to accept on their behalf.  Klina took the opportunity to congratulate Sandy Martin from LCER, and Joe Sousek, Laura Parker and Caroline Osborne at L4ND, for helping to deliver Labour’s Conference vote in favour of adopting PR – receiving a huge round of applause.  

A key feature of the evening, noted by many, was the involvement of our fantastic grassroots activists and MVM’s local groups. On receiving the award for Best Regional Working, MVM Manchester’s Abbie Jones gave a stirring speech referring to the statue of Emmeline Pankhurst she uses when running street stalls. Salli Martlew travelled from Yorkshire to accept the Best Cross-Party Spirit Award on behalf of MVM North Yorkshire. And Anne Margaret sent a generous acceptance speech video on behalf of MVM North Lancashire.

The complete list of Awards winners is below – in the same order as announced at the ceremony:

  • Media Ally Award, Polly Toynbee, The Guardian

For the individual or organisation who has done the most to get the need for PR into the public discourse

  • Lifetime Achievement Award, Lord Paul Tyler

In recognition of decades of work to build a better, fairer democracy

  • Best Regional Working Award, MVM Manchester

For the local group that has played the biggest role in building public understanding & support for the campaign for equal votes

  • Cross-Party Spirit Award, MVM North Yorkshire

For the local group that has contributed most in 2022 to creating a movement of PR campaigners from across the political spectrum

  • Most Inventive Day of Action Award, MVM North Lancashire

For pioneering the highly successful six-day Equal Votes Walk

  • Keir Hardie Award, Mayor Andy Burnham and Clive Lewis MP

For the Labour politician/s to have done the most to campaign for PR in the UK

  • Parliamentary Champion Award, Baroness Natalie Bennett and Layla Moran MP

For the member/s of the House of Commons or House of Lords to have done the most to advocate for PR

  • Democracy Defender Award, Tom Brake, Director, Unlock Democracy

For the individual or organisation whose campaigning work has demonstrated the most stalwart defence of democracy and equal votes in the UK