Make Votes Matter is the national movement for Proportional Representation

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We need thousands of people to pledge in order for the political parties the take notice. Will you ask your friends to get onboard? 

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Subject: Will you pledge to make Proportional Representation a #DoorstepDemand at the next General Election?

I just pledged to do whatever I can to make Proportional Representation a #DoorstepDemand at the next General Election; by raising it with candidates at hustings, on the doorstep when candidates come knocking, and through emailing my candidates.
At the moment, millions of us are denied a voice in politics, millions more are forced to vote tactically, and Parliament doesn’t even come close to reflecting how we voted.
The consequences of this are plain for all to see – from declining living standards to the failure sufficiently to combat climate devastation – presided over by an out of touch, unrepresentative political class in whom the public have lost trust.
It’s time to #ChangeTheVotingSystem – it’s time to #MakeVotesMatter.
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You can also sign the Make Votes Matter General Election petition, asking ALL parties at the next General Election to commit to Proportional Representation: