Make Votes Matter is the national movement for Proportional Representation

Make Votes Matter – Volunteer Agreement

Thank you for stepping forward to campaign for equal votes!
Make Votes Matter depends on the volunteering of hundreds of individuals, from all walks of life and all sides of politics. Together we’re going to transform British democracy.

To make sure we’re able to work together effectively, we need to ask you to agree to the principles below before you get involved.

When you organise or undertake activity in the name of Make Votes Matter you agree to hold yourself to the following:

Data Protection

We only use personal data with the owner’s consent. We protect data from misuse. We ensure consent can always be withdrawn.

As a volunteer, I may have access to confidential or sensitive information, including personal information. Where I am privy to confidential or sensitive information, it is important to keep that information secure and confidential and use it only for the purpose for which it was provided, and only with the consent of the individual.

As a volunteer with Make Votes Matter I agree to the following:
  • I agree to the Make Votes Matter privacy policy as outlined at
  • I understand that Make Votes Matter is the “data owner”.
  • I am acting in a voluntary capacity as a “data processor” for Make Votes Matter. The ICO says: ‘“data processor”, in relation to personal data, means any person (other than an employee of the data controller) who processes the data on behalf of the data controller’.
  • I will abide by GDPR legislation by:
    • Securely storing any sensitive data
    • Only using data for the purpose that it was collected for
    • Assist with subject access requests and the removal/correction of data
  • I understand that this duty of confidentiality is indefinite and continues after my involvement with Make Votes Matter has finished.
  • I understand that breaches of this policy could incur severe financial penalties for Make Votes Matter.
  • I understand that if I do not comply with this agreement, I may be asked to step down from my role within Make Votes Matter.

Working Together

We work together respectfully, collaboratively and democratically. We welcome and respect the diversity of this movement. We do our best to do what we’ve committed ourselves to doing.

To win Proportional Representation, Make Votes Matter brings together people from all sides of politics and from all different backgrounds. It’s vital that I and every member of the movement welcomes and respects our differences so we can focus on achieving our shared goal. When I agree to do something, I’ll make every effort to get it done so we can work together as a movement.

By volunteering with Make Votes Matter I agree to the following:

  • I will make sure my contributions to discussions are constructive, respectful, and value the efforts of everyone who is campaigning for equal votes.
  • I respect and welcome that this movement includes people of all political views, of all backgrounds and from all walks of life.
  • When I agree to take on an action or task, I will make every effort to do what I have committed to by the agreed deadline. If I’m no longer able to do so, I’ll let others know as early as possible.

Keeping in touch

We stay in contact with those we’re working with. We offer, invite and welcome feedback. If something could be sensitive, we check before ‘hitting send’.

I will keep in touch with the people I’m collaborating with – through email, Slack, Whatsapp, telephone, or whatever channel of communication has been agreed. To make the most of our collective wisdom, knowledge and experience, I will expect and provide constructive feedback. If something I’m working on might have a big or sensitive impact, I will check with the staff team before sending, posting, or publishing.

By volunteering with Make Votes Matter I agree to the following:

  • Using the communication channels agreed in my area of work, I will keep in touch with those I am collaborating with – about progress I am making, problems I encounter or decisions that need to be made.
  • I’ll offer and invite constructive feedback to help make sure we’re taking the right collective decisions, putting out the best possible materials, and making the most of the opportunities that arise.
  • If a piece of work is going to be seen by lots of people, could have a big impact, or is sensitive in nature, I will make sure it has been checked by a member of the MVM staff team before sending, posting, or publishing.