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...all the actions you can take to help make this the last election under First Past the Post, as well as information on each party's commitments to repairing our broken politics!

Let's seize this opportunity

We need to act now to do everything we can to maximise the chances of winning Proportional Representation in the next parliament. Check back here right through to polling day and the days after to find out everything you can do to make this the last election under First Past the Post.

Contact your candidates 

Get in touch with your local candidates and let them know why the electoral reform must be a priority for the next government.

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Attend a hustings

Help us make this the last election under First Past the Post by raising electoral reform at your local hustings. Sign up to let us know you'll attend a hustings - help us Make Votes Matter!
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Write a letter to your local

We've written a template letter that you can make your own and send to local papers. Think about why you want to get rid of First Past the Post and why you believe we need Proportional Representation. What would fair votes mean to you?
A stack of newspapersSee some sample letters

Sign our 2024 General Election Petition

For Britain to get its future back, we need a better way of doing politics. If you agree, please add your name here to show Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer that PR is a Doorstep Demand.

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Other actions you can take

Ask candidates to #PledgeForPR 

Get in touch with your local candidates on social media and ask them #PledgeForPR- promosting their support for fair votes.
Ask your candidates to #PledgeForPr

Make your own #PledgeForPR!

Are you a candidate in the 2024 General Election? Show your commitment for fairer votes!
Make your own #PledgeForPR (for 2024 GE candidates)

Stay up to date on the latest news

Includes analysis on polling and think pieces from MVM supporters.
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“We remain steadfast in our support for the fundamental principles that underpin the UK’s constitutional settlement. We remain committed to the First Past the Post system for elections, maintaining the direct link with the local voter.”

Read the Conservatives' manifesto

Green Party

“Greens MPs will campaign for a modern, functional, representative democracy and measures to make parliament more representative, particularly of women, people of colour and disabled people. […] Elected Greens will introduce a Fair Politics Act to strengthen our democracy now. This legislation would do the following [inter alia]:

  • “Replace the first-past-the-post system for parliamentary and council elections with a fair and proportional voting system.”
Read the Green Party's manifesto


“We will make sure MPs focus on serving their constituents. We will deepen our democracy by reforming Parliament. […] Labour is committed to strengthening our democracy and upholding the integrity of elections.

Read Labour's manifesto

Liberal Democrats

“Liberal Democrats will introduce proportional representation for electing MPs, and local councillors in England, and cap donations to political parties. […] Our goal is to transform the nature of British politics itself – to make it relevant, engaging and responsive to people’s needs and dreams.”

Read the Liberal Democrats manifesto

Plaid Cymru

“At UK elections, we would support proportional representation so that a greater proportion of votes are used to elect representatives, rather than wasted. We prefer the Single Transferable Vote electoral
system, and will again push for this in Wales after the Senedd 2026 election.”

Read Plaid Cymru's manifesto

Reform UK

“Britain’s Constitutional Arrangements Need Reform. [inter alia…]

“Proportional Representation Voting for the House of Commons. Large numbers of voters have no representation in parliament and new parties are shut out of the political system. Voter turnout could be some 10% higher with PR. A referendum is needed.”

Read the Reform manifesto


“[…] we will always stand up to promote and protect Scotland’s democracy and make sure that the people of Scotland’s voices are heard. SNP MPs will demand the UK Government: [inter alia…]

  • “Reform the voting system by replacing the first past the post system with the Single Transferable Vote. “
Read the SNP's manifesto