Campaigners are urging voters to get behind calls to scrap what it describes as Britain’s broken voting system. 

Make Votes Matter campaigns for Proportional Representation (PR), and is urging voters to join them in calling for December’s general election to be the last in British history to use our failed voting system: First Past the Post. 

First Past the Post means seats in Parliament bear little relation to the votes cast. Both Labour and the Conservatives have won a majority of seats in the past with as little as 37 per cent of the votes, while other parties have won few seats while tallying up millions of votes. As a result, many people’s votes have little or no impact on our election results.

The group list tactical voting among the top five reasons why the next parliament should scrap First Past the Post in favour of a proportional voting system. Polling data published by Make Votes Matter reveals more than one in three voters say they are likely to vote tactically in December’s general election.

The top five reasons to change to a fairer voting system include:

1 Proportional voting systems are fair because seats match votes. For example, a party winning a third of the votes would get a third of the seats up for grabs. 

2️ PR means that voters can support their preferred candidates without worrying about voting tactically.

3️ PR will see an end to wasted votes and wrong winner election results.

4️ PR will put a stop to parties winning majorities with significantly less than 50 per cent of the vote.

5️ PR will lead to all parties gaining fair representation, accurately reflecting the diverse range of political views in the House of Commons.

Make Votes Matter Co-Chief Executive, Klina Jordan, said: “There are many reasons why our current voting system needs to be scrapped, not least because it’s time voters had a real say at the ballot box. 

“For too long voters across Britain have been locked-out of decision-making. That’s why we’re urging people to ask all candidates standing to be an MP to back a proportional voting system. Tweet them using the hashtag #PledgeForPR

“We need a Parliament in which seats match votes, where people feel fairly represented and where voters can support their preferred candidates without voting tactically. Together, let’s make December’s general election the last in British history to use an undemocratic voting system.”