It’s been a busy few months here at MVM central, with new staff members joining the team, various events, and lots of progress being made towards Sort The System – the lobby for equal votes. More on that to come!

We’ve also bid a fond farewell from the day-to-day team to MVM co-founder Owen Winter as he took on a new, exciting challenge beyond the world of electoral reform. Owen has made an immense contribution and will be missed, but we’re delighted that he’s staying on as a director.

It’s on! Earlier this year, we launched Sort The System, the mass lobby of Parliament calling for Proportional Representation.

For too long, our politics has been out of touch because Parliament doesn’t truly reflect how we vote.

On 24 May, people from every part of the UK are coming to Westminster to tell MPs that it’s time to Sort The System!

Whether your MP is pro-PR, anti-PR or sitting on the fence, we need to show all MPs and parties the demand there is for change.

To do that, we need to make this huge. And to do that, we need you!

Hats off to the grassroots

Braving the cold and rain, MVM local groups have been out in force in the first three months of 2023. 

Activists have been busy organising street stalls, delivering PR postcards, marking International Women’s Day, hosting talks and debates, helping with Sort The System, and much more!

Check out MVM’s Twitter for all the grassroots highlights, especially threads like this courtesy of Poppy Silk, one of our new additions to the team.

Over this same time, the Grassroots team have been pleased to help launch several new local groups, including: MVM Scottish Borders (the first MVM group north of the border!), MVM Lincolnshire, MVM South Wales, and MVM East Devon. Once again, a big welcome to you all!

Please email to get in touch with any of our new local groups, or if you are interested in starting a group in your area.

Strengthening the PR Alliance

Democracy Loves Climate Justice 

Back in February, we kicked off MVM’s 2023 events calendar with the highly successful Democracy Loves Climate Justice.

Senior politicians and climate justice experts came together with MVM and fellow democracy campaigners to discuss the close links between a proportional voting system and action on climate. You can watch the whole event back here.

When climate change is expressed in this way – as an issue of justice, of fairness, of rights, and of power – rather than a question of parts per million and polar bears, then the link to a fair voting system, and deep democratic reform, becomes not just obvious but absolutely essential.

– Dave Timms, Head of Political Affairs at Friends of the Earth (Eng, Wal, NI)

MVM and LDER at Lib Dem Spring Conference 

Mid-March saw the first in-person Liberal Democrat Conference since 2019. This was a great opportunity for Sally and Klina to meet up with Alliance members Liberal Democrats for Electoral Reform. A big thanks to LDER for their work in promoting Sort The System and keeping up the pressure for PR.

At Conference, Lib Dem leader Ed Davey also gave a powerful endorsement of PR in his keynote speech.

MVM submission to the Labour National Policy Forum consultation 

As part of Labour’s manifesto-building process, the internal party body responsible – the National Policy Forum – ran a consultation inviting local parties and stakeholders to respond to a series of questions. 

Securing a manifesto commitment to PR from Labour is a vital step on the road to winning equal votes. So, alongside the work of the Democracy Network and Labour for a New Democracy, MVM took the opportunity to remind Labour decision-makers of the importance of PR for the country’s future. Key to this ongoing advocacy work will be MVM new starter Alberto Smith

If you haven’t already, we’d recommend reading this excellent write-up from Josiah Mortimer at Byline Times.

And finally – a big thank you once again to all our amazing monthly givers. MVM’s work to make votes match seats is only made possible by your generosity, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.