June is a time for wrapping up ongoing projects, preparing for the holiday lull, and planning for the post-summer restart. 

Or so the theory goes.

As it happened, the triggering of three by-elections – with the likelihood of more to come – demanded urgent action.

From Friday 7th July, equal votes campaigners will be gathering in Uxbridge and South Ruislip for a weekend of canvassing and leafleting. Anyone who would like to get involved should email davidvital@talktalk.net for details.

Today (Thursday 6th July) in Somerton and Frome, local activists have organised a mass flyer door-drop, with details of a subsequent action on Monday 10th July to be announced shortly. Please join the dedicated WhatsApp group here or email bristolmakevotesmatter@gmail.com for more information.

As for Selby and Ainsty, MVM North Yorks are planning something special for Saturday 15th July. Save the date!

With the prospect of further by-elections also later in the year, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved!

Grassroots energy

June’s good weather gave MVM activists from Bristol and London to Yorkshire and Cheshire an extra incentive (not that they need it!) to take the case for equal votes to their local high street.

If you are interested in joining a local group, or starting a new one for your area, please contact local@makevotesmatter.org.uk.

In mid-June, Ian Morley spoke on behalf of MVM at a North Hertfordshire Green Party event alongside speakers from Unlock Democracy and Compass.

Did you know that we have 70+ trained speakers ready to talk about Proportional Representation? If you’d like to request a speaker for your event – local political party meeting, community group, or school talk – let us know here.

Throughout the month, calls for PR continued to make their way into local papers across the country. Thank you to everyone who wrote in. MVM Totnes even managed to secure a full-page spread on PR in a local monthly magazine delivered to over 4000 homes! Our coverage page has the details. Please keep sharing your cuttings and ideas to: media@makevotesmatter.org.uk.

Allied appearances

Check out this extended interview with Deputy Leader of the Green Party, Zack Polanski, on Novara Media for a compelling account of his political journey and why PR is so vital.

Abbie Jones, of MVM Manchester and L4ND fame, teamed up with former Head of Policy for John Smith MP and prominent Labour ally, Cllr David Ward, in this piece for LabourList urging the Party leadership to embrace PR as no longer a niche interest but the consensus view of the Party.

Too numerous to mention, PR allies across the political spectrum continue to make the case for PR in print, conversation and online.

Thank you

We are always mindful that MVM’s work to make votes match seats is only made possible by the commitment of our supporters, and the generosity of our monthly givers. Thank you for standing with us.