In this edition: MVM on the campaign trail, the Labour Party’s new position on FPTP, and how to meet other MVMers at party conferences this autumn!

MVM on the campaign trail

In the weeks before polling day, Uxbridge and South Ruislip, Somerton and Frome, and Selby and Ainsty played host to scores of Make Votes Matter supporters (that’s you!) who took the campaign for PR to people’s doors. Thank you! 

Across these three by-elections, the votes of tens of thousands of people had no bearing on the results. Meanwhile, on the doorsteps we heard again and again that people are fed up with our broken politics. It’s an ideal moment to make the argument for electoral reform.

A by-election will happen in Rutherglen and Hamilton West in the autumn, with another likely in Tamworth after that, so there’ll be more opportunities to get involved. Throughout the year, MVM’s fantastic local groups have organised street stalls and hosted campaign events. To find out more about what’s happening near you, please get in touch or follow MVM on X (formally known as Twitter) for updates.

Labour’s lost love for FPTP

Labour’s National Policy Forum in July formally recognised the damage the First Past the Post voting system is doing to our democracy.

Its policy platform for the next election will state that “the flaws in the current voting system are contributing to the distrust and alienation we see in politics.”

This is real progress. The Party has acknowledged the strength of public, member and union feeling on the issue, and identifying FPTP as the rot at the heart of our politics takes the Party further down the road to reform.

There is however  no guarantee this will be reflected in the Party’s General Election manifesto. So it’s now more urgent than ever to keep the pressure up and ensure the Labour leadership takes the next logical step. 

Upcoming events

If you would like to get involved in the Rutherglen & Hamilton West by-election, please register your interest here. 

In early September we will be co-hosting a webinar with Dennis Pilon, Associate Professor at Department of Politics York University (Canada). For a teaser see this excellent recent webinar “How other countries changed their electoral systems” and look out for more updates via our social media channels.

Party Conferences

At MVM HQ we’re gearing up for the Party Conference season. Let us know if you’re going to be at one of them. We hope you have received our recent email on how to get involved and look forward to seeing you there!