The day after Belarus went to the polls in elections which LSE blogs has described as “nothing more than an illusion”, we thought it was high time to remind everyone that Belarus is the UK’s only partner in Europe in using First Past the Post for parliamentary elections.

The message clearly struck a chord, going on to amass over 1.4 thousand likes and nearly 900 retweets.

Three by-elections, three minority winners

As the Peter Tatchell Foundation pointed out, “these results show the flaws of First Past the Post”. So much so that even Sir Jacob Rees Mogg seemed to suggest that receiving only a minority of the vote did not amount to a genuine mandate.

Hats off to MVM Bristol for their tireless campaigning raising awareness of the importance of PR with Kingswood voters and engaging with the by-election candidates.

New MVM shop up and running

The new MVM shop is open and ready to take your order! It now includes pastel green and purple t-shirts should you be after a new colour to add to your MVM wardrobe! It currently just has t-shirts, but tote bags and mugs will be added soon.

Speaker programme

A big shout out to local group co-ordinator Ken Lamden for being the guest speaker at an event hosted by Liverpool Hope University’s Politics, History and International Relations Society. The feedback received was incredibly positive!

In the news

PR allies Emma Kennedy (Author and Screenwriter) and Zack Polanski (Deputy Leader of the Green Party) sat down for a joint interview with Chamber Magazine to discuss their shared support for PR. Our thanks to both for taking part – you can read the interview here.

Interesting polling conducted in February by Savanta found that 52% of the public are in favour or bringing in a proportional electoral system compared to just 13% opposed.

24 hours to go to event with Cat Smith MP

We’re often told by opponents of electoral reform that proportional voting systems are connected to greater levels of political instability. This in spite of the numerous democracies that use PR exhibiting high levels of political stability.

So… The stability compromise: real or imagined? (Spoiler: it’s imagined.)

If you haven’t signed up already, click here and join us at 8pm GMT tomorrow (Tuesday 12th March) along with Cat Smith MP and researcher Dylan Difford to discuss why First Past the Post is not delivering the stability its defenders promise.

We never forget that the campaign to make seats match votes is only made possible by the commitment of supporters and the generosity of donors. Thank you all for standing with us.