In this edition: ‘PR Loves…’ Day of Action, Lib Dem Spring Conference, volunteer news and working with MVM.

PR Loves… women’s voices, collaboration, diverse representation, long-term planning and so much more!

Hats off, and a heartfelt thank you, to everyone who participated in our recent ‘Proportional Representation Loves…’ Day of Action! It was wonderful to see such creativity and passion for PR.

Head over to MVM’s Twitter (X) feed for all the highlights from the day.

'PR Loves...' Day of Action photo montage

And… If you agree that both main parties ought to share in the PR Love, add your name to our General Election petition calling on Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer to make PR a priority!

PRDelivers update

A huge thank you to everyone who has signed up to help deliver leaflets or coordinate the deliveries across our swing seats. We have been super-excited to see the activity around the country in all the WhatsApp groups and on social media – we are on the way to making PR a #DoorstepDemand!

We’re hiring!

As we know, 2024 looks set to be a big year in politics. We don’t know for sure what the General Election will bring, but we do know that the movement for electoral reform needs to be ready to capitalise on the opportunities that an election campaign brings.

To shift PR up the political agenda, we need to ensure that the demand for change is louder than ever – and for this we need to increase our campaign capacity.

This is why MVM is seeking to recruit a CEO to boost its existing leadership team. With this extra support, Klina Jordan, our brilliant co-founder, will look to focus 100% of her energy where she has indicated she feels she can have most impact – reaching beyond our current support base to rally even more voices, both within and outside of politics, in support of MVM and PR.

If you are interested in applying, or think you know someone who’d be a good fit, you can find out more here.

MVM at Lib Dem Spring Conference

MVM recently appeared on a panel at Lib Dem Spring Conference exploring ‘Why People Don’t Vote’. (Spoiler: at least in part, because they rightly feel their vote won’t matter!)

Crowded into a packed venue – standing room only! – were Lee Jasper from Operation Black Vote, Josh Babarinde, Liberal Democrat PPC, Wendy Chamberlain MP, Tom Brake from Unlock Democracy and MVM’s own Sally Yalden. A great event all round.

In the news

PR is making waves! Some highlights from the last month:

Volunteering with MVM

We asked Maddison Wheeldon to tell us what motivated her to volunteer with MVM. Here’s what she said:

“We no longer see leaders who represent the interests of the people of this country – enough was truly enough. Progress and change has always been spearheaded by the collective power of the people. I found hope again in the collaborative, cross-party approach of MVM, hope that one day every vote in this country will carry equal weight.”

A huge thanks to MaddisonRory WaldronSabah NazirChristina Buch-PetersenElla Eagle DaviesMaddison WheeldonPaul TaitKate HillierAndy BeckJames SouthernMaxine Clignet and Dylan Difford for all they are doing to help the cause of equal votes.

MVM volunteer photo montage

Interested in volunteering yourself? Get in touch at

We never forget that the campaign to make seats match votes is only made possible by the commitment of supporters and the generosity of donors. Thank you for standing with us.