Thank you to everyone who voted in the Democracy Awards 2016. We were delighted to be able to present many of them to the winners in person at our Christmas Party last week.

The awards are, of course, a fun and democratic way of recognising the work, inspiration and commitment of everyone who has taken action to help get real democracy over the last year. Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all our nominees, voters, activists & supporters!

1. Parliamentary Champion Award

For the elected politician(s) who have done the most to campaign for a proportional voting system in the UK since the most disproportionate General Election in British history, in May 2015.

Nominees: Caroline Lucas MP, Chuka Umunna MP, Jonathan Reynolds MP, Tommy Sheppard & the SNP

Winner: Caroline Lucas

2. Courage of Convictions Award

The award for standing up for fair votes in the face of adversity.

Nominees: Ben Howlett MP, Daniel Hannan MEP

Winner:  Ben Howlett MP

3. Individual Contribution Award

For outstanding advocacy or organising in support of Proportional Representation by an individual.

Nominees: Mary Southcott, John Strafford, Ian Lawrence, Natalie Bennett

Winner: Natalie Bennett

4. Group Campaigning Award

Recognising a volunteer-run campaign group that has worked either nationally or locally to make the UK more democratic by introducing PR. 

Nominees: Cambridge Electoral Reform Group, MVM North London, MVM South East London, MVM South West London

Winner: Cambridge Electoral Reform Group

5. Activist Initiative Award

For an individual activist who has shown great initiative and persistence to make their own unique contribution to the campaign for PR – whether big or small.

Nominees: Dan Wright, David Smith, Flo Lewis, Madeleine Broderick

Winner: Madeleine Broderick

6. Writing & Commentary Award

For the best coverage, advocacy or analysis of issues around Proportional Representation and real democracy. 

Nominees: CGP Grey, Jon Stone, Owen Jones, Polly Toynbee

Winner: Owen Jones

7. Social Media Hero

Recognising the best social media activism in support of PR and real democracy. This could be a Twitter account, a Facebook page and/or the person or people behind them.

Nominees: @Alliance4PR / Wendy Stephens; @Labour4PR / Kate Tatershall; @PoliticallyNate / Nathaniel Higgins

Winner: @Alliance4PR / Wendy Stephens

8. Award for Keeping Parliament Unrepresentative

Given to the public figure who has done most to keep Parliament unrepresentative of the people it has power over – either through action or inaction. 

Nominees: John Penrose, John Spellar, Dan Hodges, David Cameron

Winner: David Cameron

9. The People’s Democracy Award

For the person or group that has done most to contribute to democracy in the UK since May 2015 – with “democracy” to be interpreted by those voting, in whatever way they wish. 

Nominees: Gina Miller, Frances Scott, Nigel Farage

Winner: Frances Scott