Read on to hear how we qualified for a full debate on PR, find out about our upcoming demonstration in support of the petition, and donate to make the demo and ongoing campaign possible.

Six months ago, MVM team member Tim Ivorson started a petition to make votes matter on the Parliament website – calling for the introduction of PR for the House of Commons. 

At the moment it closed at midnight on Thursday, it had gathered the support of 103,493 people across the UK – and the Petitions Committee has already announced that it will schedule a full debate on the issue on a day to be decided in the near future.

Decision from the Petitions Committee website (click image to enlarge)

Petition Founder: Tim Ivorson

This display of popular demand for PR is unprecedented at this stage in the electoral cycle – and it was only possible because of the many groups and organisations, people and parties, working together to get the message out and spread the word.

Thank you to everyone of our supporters who signed and shared the petition. Thank you to all those organisations who raised its profile in ways great and small: to Compass, the Electoral Reform Society, the Green Party, the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust, the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform, Liberal Democrats for Electoral Reform, PCS the union, the Peter Tatchell Foundation, Plaid Cymru, Unlock Democracy, UKIP and many more – and to too many individuals to name. We could not have done this without you.

Thanks most of all to the people across the country who went out and campaigned in the street to raise the profile of PR and to sign up new members of the public to the petition!

What this shows is that if all of us who want PR are willing to work together on this single issue, we can set the agenda: not only advocating but driving change in our broken democracy. MPs from seven political parties have welcomed the debate and will now have the opportunity to make their own case for electoral reform in the first debate of the issue in many years.

But we’re just getting started. The Saturday before the petition is debated in Parliament, we will hold a major demonstration outside Parliament in support of fair votes for all – and we want all of you to be a part of it. Sign up and we’ll notify you of the date as soon as we can

Like all our demonstrations, this will be a family-friendly day with a broad spectrum of high profile speakers. There will be music, fun activities and the opportunity to link up with people who are taking action to win real democracy from across the country.

Please consider making a donation to help cover the costs of the upcoming demonstration and the ongoing campaign. We are now able to accept recurring monthly donations: if you can give just a little each month it will make a huge difference.

We rely on contributions from supporters to keep the campaign going: running major events, co-ordinating and supporting local campaign groups, strengthening our online presence and continuing to build the Alliance of parties, groups and individuals to win Proportional Representation in the House of Commons. What is real democracy worth to you? Please give whatever feels right.

In the last two hundred years, much bigger changes to our democracy – like votes for women – took place against far greater odds and at far greater risk to those who demanded them. These changes happened because ordinary people refused to accept the way things are and demanded a say about the way things should be.

Today, the lack of democracy in the UK – and the fact that our Parliament is the least representative since Universal Suffrage was won – is the greatest problem that our country faces, because it denies voters the possibility of solving any of the other problems for themselves.

It is time once again to demand that to which we are all entitled: fair democratic representation in our sovereign Parliament. The time is now!