The General Election results are in and – inevitably – they are a democratic outrage. While the vast majority of democracies are governed by parliaments that reflect their voters, the UK will continue to be run by politicians who do not represent the people… for now.

We’ll be providing detailed analysis over the next couple of days. In the meantime, see below for some of the headlines – and sign up to attend our demonstration and action summit to plan and bring about the end of First Past the Post on Saturday 24th June – #SaveOurDemocracy.

A distorted parliament

Unequal votes

Voter suppression

Minority rule

Left-right distortion

Everyone deserves a vote that counts equally, no matter who they vote for or where they live.

The campaign for Proportional Representation has never been more vital or more urgent. Please sign up to #SaveOurDemocracy, sign our open letter, or donate to support the campaign

Thank you for all your support – together we will build a real democracy.