With politics in chaos and a general election happening in December, you can help us win real democracy by donating to our Crowdfunder today!

Your support could help make this the last election in British history to be held under First Past the Post. By donating, you will help us achieve these top actions in just one area of our general election campaign:

1 Crowd-source every candidate’s view on PR – inviting our whole movement to lobby their prospective MPs quickly and easily.

2 Launch our 2019 #PledgeForPR pledge card: which candidates can share online to show they are 100 per cent committed to fair votes.

3 Capture candidates’ views on our 2019 candidates map – displaying every candidate’s published view on Proportional Representation.

4 Get this information out in front of the voters – so they can decide for themselves which candidates champions their idea of democracy.

We have already achieved a lot for the movement for PR, thanks to the tireless work of hundreds of activists, and thousands of supporters.

We’ve brokered unprecedented cross-party consensus on electoral reform through the Good Systems Agreement. At the same time, we’ve mobilised the biggest grassroots actions for PR in living memory. And since a general election will take place on Thursday 12th December, we now have a real opportunity to amplify the calls to #ChangeTheVotingSystem

By donating to our Crowdfunder, you can help us to try to make this the last election in British history to use an undemocratic voting system.

Watch our video below to find out more, then visit our Crowdfunder page – and please pledge whatever you can to win fair votes. We can win this change – and we won’t stop until we succeed.

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