If you’re wondering how to find out whether your general election candidates are fans of Proportional Representation (PR), then we’ve got it covered.

Today we are launching our #PledgeForPR campaign. You can use it to ask your local candidates – by email or Twitter – if they want to bring in a fair voting system, or if they want to keep our undemocratic First Past the Post system. 

And if you’re standing as a candidate and you want to see PR introduced simply take the pledge and show your support for PR – or let us know what your views are on electoral reform without pledging.

The more MPs are elected who support or are open to Proportional Representation, the more chance we have of winning fair votes. So we’re using this general election to find out where all the parliamentary candidates stand on PR – and to pressure candidates to be more favourable towards electoral reform.

To find everyone’s position, we need your help by asking your candidates to #PledgeForPR!

We’re going to share every UK candidate’s position on PR using our 2019 election map (coming soon), so voters can see for themselves whether their would-be MPs want to give them a vote that matters. 

All you need to do is use our quick and easy tool to contact all your candidates by email – and on Twitter if you use it. It just takes a few clicks to shoot off the pre-written tweets and emails to everyone standing in your constituency.

We’ll be able to see when candidates take the #PledgeForPR, but we’ll also want to know when candidates don’t want to commit to fair votes. So please forward any email replies you get to team@makevotesmatter.org.uk or tag @MakeVotesMatter on Twitter.

What else can I do?

Visit our GE2019 action page for tips on what you can do in your constituency to push even harder for Proportional Representation.

Write a letter to your local paper. We’ve written a template letter that you can make your own and send to local papers. Think about why you want to get rid of First Past the Post and why you believe we need fair votes.

Go to a local hustings and ask questions about PR. There’s no better way to push your candidates to support electoral reform than in front of a crowd. Find a hustings on Democracy Club’s register and go along to one.

Send a press release to your regional newspapers. Use our template and share the situation in your local constituency. What effect does First Past the Post have on your community and how it is represented in Parliament?