As we hurtle towards election day, another batch of manifestos have been published. And, as ever, we’ve been looking out for the parties’ policies on Proportional Representation.

Here, we take a look at what the manifestos say about changing the voting system, and where we might go from here in the fight to win fair votes. Missed the manifestos already published? Check out our blog to get up to speed on the latest from all the parties.

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The Conservative Party

Unconventionally, the Conservatives launched their streamlined manifesto on a Sunday. Here’s what they said about electoral reform.

This is actually an improvement on their 2017 manifesto; in which they not only pledged to keep First Past the Post, but proposed to roll it out to mayoral and Police and Crime Commissioner elections in England.

Nonetheless, official Conservative policy on the voting system remains immune to facts. Safe seats and wrong-winner elections – both endemic to our current voting system – are the very opposite of allowing voters to “kick out” politicians, as this tweet accurately demonstrates.

Scottish National Party (SNP)

Staunch advocates of electoral reform, the SNP, launched their manifesto with an explicit commitment to the Single Transferable Vote system of Proportional Representation.

Avid electoral reformers will be aware that the Single Transferable Vote is very much a ‘good’ system of Proportional Representation… and that the SNP are signatories of Make Votes Matter’s own ‘Good System Agreement‘.

Whatever your politics, the SNP should always be acknowledged as principled advocates of PR. Despite profiting hugely from First Past the Post, they are steadfast supporters of a fair system. 

Other parties and allies

As well as the parties represented in UK-wide leadership debates, a number of other parties – many of them members of the Make Votes Matter Alliance – have launched their manifestos.

Among those in favour of PR include parties of Northern Ireland, like the Alliance Party and the Social Democratic & Labour Party.

English regionalist parties, like the Yorkshire Party and Mebyon Kernow, and start-ups like Renew and the Women’s Equality Party, have all joined the call for fair votes.

How can I get involved?

Now we’ve heard from the parties, it’s time to hear from every candidate standing to be an MP in this general election. And that’s where you come in. We’ve put together a #FairVotesMap to find out what they think about electoral reform. And we’ll need your help to fill in the blanks! 

With so many parties fully committed to fair votes, there’s a real chance the Parliament that emerges from December’s election is one that will take action on electoral reform. And if it’s not, our work continues – and we may well find ourselves with in the strongest ever position and with the greatest ever opportunity to get all opposition parties united behind changing the voting system.

Until then, please keep lobbying your candidates to #PledgeForPR so that we can keep updating our #FairVotesMap

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