It’s election day! Whatever you do today, make sure you vote, with your head and your heart.

Our polling shows that 35 per cent of people are likely to vote tactically in the general election. This is a symptom of our out-of-date, ‘one-party-takes-all’ system.

We need real change to make sure seats match votes, and all votes count equally. Today we’ve launched a new petition for Proportional Representation.

Once you’ve signed, please share it on social media to get it trending. Let’s make this huge!

Whatever the outcome of this election, Parliament is very unlikely to accurately represent what we voted for, which is desperately damaging to people, planet and politics.

Thousands of people have already signed, calling on Parliament and our new MPs to back a change from First Past the Post to Proportional Representation.

Add your name to demand equal votes and please share on Facebook and Twitter. The more people sign over the coming days, the more we can build this movement in the new year.