With polling day rapidly approaching this Thursday, we wanted to let you know what we’ve been up to over the last week in the campaign for Proportional Representation.

Thank you so much once again if you’ve contributed to our Crowdfunder, which is still live. If you haven’t yet, please consider chipping in to help us reach our stretch target – and make sure we can come out swinging whatever the election result.

Our #fairvotesmap is live

Last week we were proud to launch our #FairVotesMap. Like our 2017 candidates map, our it shows every general election candidate’s official position on Proportional Representation. But, unlike the 2017 map, it allows you to automatically lobby your candidates and instantly share a visual summary of any constituency.

The more this gets shared, the more voters will see it and the more pressure candidates will be under to back PR. So please check out the map, share your constituency info, and ask your local candidates to pledge their support!

Just visit the page, search for your constituency, and use the email, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter at the top right of the constituency summary!

We know where all the parties stand on PR, but what’s much more important is personal commitments from candidates. So we need your help to contact them all.

Please make sure you’ve contacted all your would-be MPs using our quick and email tool. It doesn’t matter if you know your current MP opposes fair votes – you can still get in touch with them and all your other candidates too. Act now!

Democracy Day

Last Thursday 5th December, more than 20 campaign groups joined forces for ‘Democracy Day’ – an unprecedented effort to call out the ‘radio silence’ on reforming our broken democracy. To kick off the day, our coalition of organisations had both a letter and article in the Guardian.

Between us, we managed to get #DemocracyDay trending on social media by lunchtime! 

Check out our blog about the other activities that were happening across the country.

Guardian article

Guardian letter

Some awesome rewards

Want to get hold of a Make Votes Matter badge? How about a limited edition MVM reusable coffee cup – or an MVM journal and pen? Or, all that plus an iconic Make Votes Matter T-shirt? 

Visit our Crowdfunder page to find out what rewards you can get your hands in return for your generous donations. Every penny we raise helps us keeps us banging the drum for real democracy day and night.