Our biggest action day yet! 

On 6th July Make Votes Matter held our second Demand Democracy Day. This national day of action saw nearly 100 stalls across the country and sent out a resounding call for reform of our electoral system. A huge thank you to all our volunteers who helped make the day such a success!

We were over the moon seeing all of your amazing stalls and actions on social media. From the Isle of Wight to Belfast, you were busy spreading the word about why we need to radically change the way our democracy works. Some of out favourite photos from the day are below. If you have more we would love to see them. Tweet us @MakeVotesMatter or email us at team@makevotesmatter.org.uk.

MPs, MEPs and other Allies

We are also very grateful to the members of our Alliance who helped raise the profile of the day of action, with representatives from all major parties showing their support! Coming straight after the launch of the Good Systems Agreement, this action day shows that demand for fair votes spans the whole political spectrum, and from grassroots activists to the most senior politicians.

Loads of media coverage!

Thanks to all this work, the movement for PR picked up a lot of great media coverage. This is a really crucial way to build pressure across the country – and showing that it’s driven by a brilliant grassroots movement, not only by politicians. Here are some of the highlights – click the images to view the full articles.

Almost 100 street stalls took place all over the UK

Local street stalls

On the day, our brilliant volunteers held streets stalls across the UK, told the public why we need fair votes, and signed them up to our petition to local MPs. If you want to fix our broken system, why not call a local meeting and decide how to get involved. We can provide lots of materials and support, and you don’t need any expertise – just determination to win real democracy in the UK!

Let’s keep up the pressure!

Later in the year, we’re going to be organising another mass lobby of Parliament to demand PR.

If you have not signed our petition yet, click here and add your name.

Next, we’ll invite you and your fellow constituents to come to Parliament for the lobby this autumn – where we’ll be handing in personalised petitions to every MP. Next stop, Westminster!