All we want for Christmas is a vote that matters!

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Saturday, 12th December marked the anniversary of the 2019 General Election; an ideal time for another Make Votes Matter Day of Action. This year, the need for collaborative politics in the UK could not be more obvious.

With many areas still under severe restrictions, we kept it simple this time and asked all our supporters to send a Christmas card to their MP calling for equal votes. And you did not disappoint! Over 1,500 people signed up to take part, with many making their own cards and sharing their creations.

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All across the country, constituents made sure that their MP heard their Christmas wish with a festive greeting. Some managed to hand in their cards in person. The Sheffield for Democracy group met with both Paul Blomfield and Olivia Blake to hand over their cards. In Bath, MP Wera Hobhouse joined the local MVM group in front of the famous Royal Crescent.

Some groups also staged small protests, including MVM East London, MVM Totnes and MVM Worthing, who handed their card in at their local Conservative club.

Many more supporters made the intrepid journey to their local post-box to send their card. All across the country, we saw photos of homemade cards, personalised cards, or just ones left over from last year, ready to inundate MPs with our message.

As usual, there was no lack of creativity on this Day of Action. MVM Manchester created a biscuit parliament to show the difference between votes cast and seat won.

Plus, Abbie Jones (MVM Manchester) and Liz Uttley (MVM’s newest local group in West Herts) both sang lovely renditions of rewritten Christmas songs.

Last, but by no means least, our very own Surrinder Chera recorded his version of “I Can See Clearly Now the Election’s Gone”. You can listen to the amazing audio here.

Local supporters also sent press releases to local newspapers. You can see the results on our coverage page.

All we can say, after another huge call for electoral reform for the UK, is a massive thank you to all our supporters and activists. This year has been especially challenging, but the enthusiasm and dedication in our movement has not wavered. We couldn’t do it without you!

If you do have any more photos of your action/s that you’d like to send in, we would love to see them. You can tweet us @MakeVotesMatter with the hashtag #DemandDemocracy or email us at

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What’s next?

Every time we hold a big action like this, we shift the dial of what is possible. Despite the impact of the pandemic, Make Votes Matter has become a bigger and stronger grassroots movement than ever before. Yet, it’s still just the beginning. If we all keep going, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

2021 will be a big year for Make Votes Matter and we’ll be agreeing our strategy and objectives in January. Driving the movement further depends on hundreds of amazing people giving their time to campaign for equal votes – and thousands donating what they can to keep our lights on. If you want to make the UK a real democracy, please volunteer your time or donate to our Crowdfunder whatever amount you can afford.

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