On Saturday 8th August, MVM volunteers and activists from in and around London got together to prepare a huge banner for our socially distanced Day of Action. Olly Baker, interning with Make Votes Matter, writes about the experience…

On Saturday 22nd August, we want to make a splash across social media and in the press to reignite the people’s demand for Proportional Representation. We are asking activists across the UK to get creative: taking photos of themselves in front of local landmarks with their homemade or printed posters, placards and banners (click here for full details). We want to see what you have all been up to so please be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #DemandDemocracy. 

Last Saturday’s banner making session was the perfect example of local people getting together creatively (and safely). This particular get-together was in preparation for a banner drop in London on the Day of Action.

In 31℃ heat and little shade, our group of volunteers worked their way through several 2×2 metre letters, coming together to create the banner spelling “MAKE VOTES MATTER”. In a spacious car park, we were able to get creative whilst abiding by Government guidelines, including wearing our face masks despite the uncomfortable temperature. This experience was both empowering and rewarding – it’s amazing what you can produce with a group of people who are all fighting for the same cause!

As well as general chatter there was discussion about the real reason we came together that day. We were not only there out of frustration at our out-of-date voting system but also our optimism for a better, tried and tested alternative – we all knew that change must come now. 

This optimism is justified. Despite not having even completed the banner, local people passing by were approaching and asking questions about our movement, all with positive responses. We know that this is something the public wants – we just need to make that clear to our politicians and media.


Having completed our day’s work, a number of activists then ventured to the nearest outdoor public house to enjoy a well deserved, cold beverage. 

A special thank you to all of the volunteers who contributed either through recent organising meetings or on the day, Mark who hosted the banner-making session and to Daria who has worked tirelessly to design the letters and the logistics which go into a socially-distanced banner drop of this size. 

If you’ve been inspired to do something similar, here’s how you can get involved with our movement:

Take part in the Day of Action

Sign the petition for Proportional Representation

Join or start a local Make Votes Matter group

Volunteer your skills to help win PR

Donate to support the movement