In May, we were very pleased to see Andy Burnham declare his support for Proportional Representation on Twitter, as a result of our #PledgeForPR campaign. Make Votes Matter is committed to engaging and building alliances with politicians from across the political spectrum. As one of the most prominent politicians outside of Westminster, it was great to get a positive response from Andy:

Last week, Andy went one step further, setting out his support for PR on Krishnan Guru Murthy’s “Ways to Change the World Podcast”:

Andy rightly pointed out that First Past the Post fails to represent our more fragmented political scene, that we are consistently ruled by minority governments, and that the electoral system breeds resentment by failing to represent voters.

Minority Rule Govt Square.png

We are so glad to have Andy’s support pushing for real democracy and hope to work together in future.

His comments came as part of a discussion around regional inequality and the Government’s “levelling up” agenda. It is crucial that we link the huge regional inequality in the UK to our flawed electoral system. The UK has one of the highest levels of regional inequality in the developed world.

While some argue that FPTP means local constituencies are better represented, the reality is that the only constituencies which matter under FPTP are the small number of marginal seats. Is it any surprise that the Conservatives have been accused of funnelling funding into Conservative marginals, rather than the areas that need it most?

If we are serious about tackling regional inequality, we need an electoral system in which all votes matter, regardless of where you live.