A new poll conducted by Number Cruncher Politics, commissioned by Labour for a New Democracy, of which Make Votes Matter is a founding member, has found a majority of the public in favour of Proportional Representation.

The poll, which had a very high sample of 10,047 respondents, asked the question:

Proportional Representation is the collective name given to electoral systems which ensure that the proportion of seats a party receives in Parliament closely reflects the proportion of votes they received from voters. Do you support or oppose such a system?

Support – 52%

Don’t know – 31%

Oppose – 17%

(2nd to 17th August 2021)

The poll is consistent with recent polling on PR and shows the broad enthusiasm for PR voting. It also shows the small minority who are opposed to PR, with far more saying they “Don’t Know” than being opposed.

We can use this poll to look at subgroups within the UK because it has such a large sample size.

For 2019 voters, we can see that 63% of Labour voters are in favour of PR, a substantial majority which means that Labour members (83% in favour) and voters are broadly agreed on supporting a PR electoral system. PR also has the support of 50% of Conservative voters and 75% of Liberal Democrats.

The poll also shows that supporters outnumber opponents of PR by a margin of almost 3-to-1 in every region and nation in the UK, and by a margin of greater than 2-to-1 amongst every age group.

This poll has particular relevance being released on the eve of Labour Party conference in Brighton, which is set to debate PR after a huge grassroots effort from Labour members. The poll suggests there is no electoral cost to Labour supporting PR, and in fact voters would welcome a commitment to reform.

Full crosstabs are available here.